Gates of Ultramar

3 players start outside the city, 3 players start inside. As much as it may look that the city has a major advantage this isn't true. The c...


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3 players start outside the city, 3 players start inside. As much as it may look that the city has a major advantage this isn't true. The city team is forced to lead constants attacks outside to keep the upper hand. There are 2 mainentrances into the city. One is reachable over 3 bridges every bridge a good chokepoint for defenses. The otherone can be reached through the canyon of the frozen river. Difficult to get through as it is negative cover. There is too a third entrance, i leave it to you to find it. The map is difficult to play, forces teamplay and offers numerous strategic possibilites if you are willing to try them out.

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Download 'gatesofultramar.exe' (3.64MB)

Gates of Ultramar

Map Name: Gates of Ultramar
Creator: Rayden
Players: 6 // 3v3 only
Size: 512*512
Theme: City/Snow
Modes Supported: All // Recommended: Take & Hold

Strategic points: 24
Criticals: 5 (2 for both sides) - 1 far away
Relics: 2
Power slugs: 2

Installation Note
Self-Installer there should be no problems, if you think it choosed a wrong path
you have to set the correct path by yourself.
Gates of Ultramar BETA will be removed completly from your computer as there are
serious compatibility issues with the old version because of same ingame name.

First Team starts inside the city. It is well protected by the large city wall.
There are several forifications around and inside the city. While it's
possible to build up some decent defense and hold the entrances easily it
won't help you much if the enemy controls the whole outside terrain.

Second Team starts outside in the mountains and can build up some good defense
at the frozen river and at the brigdes that lead over the river to the mountains.
Try to get control over the road to Macragge (at position of fifth critical).

In general artillery and jump troops will be very useful to make quick approaches
into enemy defense positions. Moreover try to jump over the wall at unexpected places
this may be devastating for your enemy.

And always remember the map is large, while fighting far away from your base an enemy
can easily sneak in at a place you don't expect.

I strongly recommend to play Take & Hold, it forces both side for constant attacks.

I am hearing some strange sound and so while mapping i was thinking
about the story on this map. So here it is, have fun with it

Enemies are coming. A first wave of aerial strikes has
destroyed the fortifications to protect the main road to
Macragge. Enemy forces are already preparing in the mountains
for the final attack. While Commander Drexler walked together with his
leading officers to the final meeting before the attack, he thought about
the coming fight, it looks like we are secure behind our mighty city
walls, but only a fool would think such pathetic thoughts.
Without further support from Macragge we can't hold this
position very long. We have to keep the road secure till the support
from Macragge arrives. He already talked to the Governor to take all
supplies inside the fortress. We can hold long enough to send this
creatures back to hell. When entering the door to the commando bunker he
throw a last view outside, snow was falling, it was silent, too silent.
Maybe we should do the first step to break this silence and bring doom to
our enemies. With a smile on his face he looked forward to the coming war.
Just another one of many he has fought ... and won.

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