Hanibal - Redorah Corridor

Hanibal - Redorah Corridor

The desert planet Redorah, noted for its highly sulphorous atmosphere, is a key lo...


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Hanibal - Redorah Corridor

The desert planet Redorah, noted for its highly sulphorous atmosphere, is a key location for mining facilities. The high - resource ground provides excellent materials for contructing and maintaining Psycho - sensitive metals, such as Psyker staves, and Warp Gate frames...

Skirmish/Mission Hybrid #1!

Truly a glorious moment for my mapping history. This map is probably the best I've done so far.

Layout: Imperial Guard (Player 1) Tau Empire (Player 2) Chaos (Player 3)

This map is set on a Geonosis-like terrain. That is, to those who are Star Wars deficient, a red, dusty, Mars like, hilly, rocky terrain. Beware, the map is in the middle of a dust storm. Player one starts off in a bit of a gorge, with massive cliffs on either side. Player 2 is on a raised plateau, with one of the most strategic strategic - points in the map. Player 3 is in a cave with some precious minerals, and a hidden exit.

The map contains hilly terrain, vespid raiders, a lava pit, a plateu, a canyon, a cave, a hidden exit and many more features.

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Download 'hanibal_9.zip' (449KB)

Hanibal #9
Thanks for taking interest in my products!

Installation: Simply put the included files into your Dawn of War directory, like this:
C:/Program Files/THQ/Dawn of War - Dark Crusade/DXP2/data/scenarios/MP

That was an example! With regular Dawn of War it would be:
C:/Program Files/THQ/Dawn of War/W40k/data/scenarios/MP

 Uninstallation: You sure? Alright then...simply delete the files that you put in the folder in the first place! That is:
hanibal_9 (the Mission Editor file)
hanibal_9_icon_custom (the icon in the menu)
hanibal_9_mm (the ingame minimap)

Editing: You may use any of the files included in my Winzip IF you mention their origins in your new mod/map.

Contact: Simply leave a comment within the first few weeks of uploading, and I will comment back.

That's all for now, and don't forget to try out some of my other maps!


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