Hanibal - Terrana Desert

Hanibal - Terrana Desert ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ On the planet Argus Secundus there lies a desert, torn with rubble, sewn with bu...


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Hanibal - Terrana Desert ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ On the planet Argus Secundus there lies a desert, torn with rubble, sewn with bullets and heaped with bodies...

Terrana Desert is a 2 player map designed for take-the-bridge-and-don't-get-flanked gameplay, where the bridge is across a small river, and the enemy encampment is across, in a small outpost. To the North lies a destroyed apartment, a second bridge, and a grave. To the West lies a destroyed rocket, an oasis-like mini forest and a cratered hill.

I have revamped ALL of the maps I have finished so far.

Alpha Tester: Me Beta Tester: Ewan Macinnes

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Hanibal #1
Thanks for taking interest in my products!

Installation: Simply put the included files into your Dawn of War directory, like this:
C:/Program Files/THQ/Dawn of War - Dark Crusade/DXP2/data/scenarios/MP

That was an example! With regular Dawn of War it would be:
C:/Program Files/THQ/Dawn of War/W40k/data/scenarios/MP

 Uninstallation: You sure? Alright then...simply delete the files that you put in the folder in the first place! That is:
hanibal_1 (the Mission Editor file)
hanibal_1_icon_custom (the icon in the menu)
hanibal_1_mm (the ingame minimap)

Editing: You may use any of the files included in my Winzip IF you mention their origins in your new mod/map.

Contact: Simply leave a comment within the first few weeks of uploading, and I will comment back.

That's all for now, and don't forget to try out some of my other maps!


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