Heroes of the Imperium

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1.2 for dawn of war with the 1.3 patch i will try to make a 1.4 version when the new tools come out

thanks to everyone on the relic forums for helping solve various problems all the testers

this mod contains

v1.0 the deamon prince for chaos summoned by chaos lord or sorcerer eldar dire avengers ( a moddel for them may be included at a later date thanks to mirage knight) an inquisitor for the space marines imperial guardsmen mor the space marines

deamon hammer researches for inquisitor and space marines assault squads can be deep striked

a load with rhinoz mod module

v1.1 name fixes for eldar asault squads not loaded into the barracks

v1.2 support platform added as a new unit for eldar

if you wish to use any part of my mod in yours send an email to scorpia@hotmail.co.uk or message me on the relic dawn of war forums you may use this mod freely but you cannot utalise it in any way to make profit you may distribute the original instaler as long as it is not eddited in any way

|¯ |¯ |¯| |¯| |¯| | /¯\ ¯| |_ |_| |¯\ |¯ | |¯| ¯ This Mod is completely unofficial and in no way endorsed by Games Workshop Limited, nor by Relic or THQ.

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