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You've seen the models, read the FAQ (if not, read it now!), now you want to play the game! Well, we have an early version of the mod avail...


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You've seen the models, read the FAQ (if not, read it now!), now you want to play the game! Well, we have an early version of the mod available to download and playtest here.

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Download 'igmod.rar' (765KB)

Q: Why is the mod 'His' Righteous Mod? Who is 'He'?

A: Don't look at me like that! I'm not that vain. He is the Emperor, God of man in the 41st millenium. His vast armies sweep the stars clean of His foes, so it seems only right that it should be 'His' mod!

Q: Where can I download the mod and how do I get it to work?

A: Head to the downloads section of the site, and select the 'Mod Demo'. When it's downloaded, extract it using winrar, then read the readme. The installation instructions are in there.

Q: Why are *insert favourite unit* not in the mod?

A: There are two reasons for units being missing from the mod:
Much like Relic chose when they created the actual game, we found that many units would be redundant if we included every combination. If we included the Leman Russ, Concquerer, Executioner and all the other Russ variants, could you honestly say you would use them all? Variety is important, but a certain level of control must be maintained.
The second reason is that we are limited by the game itself. A building can only produce ?? different units. So unless we created multiple near-identical buildings, we would run out of space quickly. In the same sense, a unit has up to 6 upgrades. 1 of these is reserved for reinforcement, another for a sergeant (if the unit has one).This can leave only 4 remaining spaces for upgrades. So if you wondering why Imperial Guard infantry are missing lascannons and plasma guns, etc ,etc. Now you know why.

Q: I want a Titan! Can you put one in your mod please?

A: We will not be adding titans to the mod for the simple reason of the scale involved. Even the light Warhound Titan would fill most of the screen and find it near impossible to actualyl move around the map. As for other units though, you are welcome to come into the forums and make your case for including a new unit.

Q: Why is the Basilisk not in the mod? It is an assault gun after all!

A: This is probably the most asked question. It was both a design and feasability decision not to include the basilisk. Firstly, DoW is a really up-close-and-personal kind of game. We felt the Basilisk unsuitable for this environment. Secondly, and more importantly is that we found the basilisk would be unable to function in the DoW engine.
When artillary such as the Whirlwind deploys, a yellow bar fills to show it's readiness. As this happens, it's turret spins to face the target. The Basilisk has no turret. It's fixed weapon must be moved by rotating the whole tank. This would reset the deploy bar. As a result, the tank may never actually fire!

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