How to change the appearence of your DoW cursor

A tutorial showing the user how to change the colour of the cursor in Dawn Of War. (Soon everything will be changeable!) - Abbadon


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A tutorial showing the user how to change the colour of the cursor in Dawn Of War. (Soon everything will be changeable!) - Abbadon

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Something i stumbled upon accidentley while looking for the textue files that i was meant to create, The in-game cursor.After a quick glance i realised it was a .TarGa (.tga) which is the same format as badges and banners. I opened it with the same software i use to create my own badges and banners (Gimp 2.0)and after trail and error i learned how to sucessfully change the colour of it.
The set of instructions below is to be used with gimp 2.0 please back up the original cursor under a different directory. 

If you dont read the next step, and and ksip straight to it without the following knowledge, Everytime you open Dawn of war, the application closes this occurs when; 

1. If the cursor doesn't have a saturation of fifty (50) and a lightness of zero (0) 
2. Isn't called default and located in the cursor folder (mine looks like this :"C:Program FilesTHQDawn of War - Dark CrusadeEngineDataartcursor").
3. Isn't kept as a .Targa (.tga) or gets URL compressed (this option is displayed as a tickbox when you save as...)

with Gimp open,and the default cursor on the canvas,go to "Colors" on the canvas window then "Colorize" this will open another window with three (3) horizontal scroll bars
the First (1st) is labelled "Hue:" and will be set to the original value. This is the only thing you may change to customize the appearence of the cursor
The second (2nd) "Saturation:" should be set to fifty (50) and MUST NOT be altered. Same with the Third (3rd) titled "Lightness:", should be set to 0.

   Other Notes
This is simply what i know works, feel free to experiment with saturation and lightness as i didn't test every value and changing the value on a scale may work i could be wrong but you can always give it a go.

Fine Print-
I have fully tested everything stated above, failure to comply with the don'ts will most likley result in a non-function of the Dawn of war application. This is fixed in the two methods frequentley displayed aboved but again

method 1. Dont save it. If you accidentley changed the Saturation or lightness and applied don't save the changes.
method 2 if you accidentley changed the Saturation or lightness, applied
 them and accidentley saved it, the back-up you should have made as instructed and through your common sense (it saved me) can be copied back into it's orginal directory overwriting the current (broken) one.

The following instuctions were written from the experiences of me, "Brute_Hawk" and are accurate to my recollection. Basically the only way to screw up dawn of war is to edit the cursor without reading this. If you do, leave it in the comments and i'll send you my default (it's yellow bcause when i installed the which hunters mod beta)   My current colour is a "sonar-radar-type green blue the Hue is 180.

Have fun, Brute_Hawk (Jay)

and remember be creative :-) The only cool cursor is the one you make.

Other files by Yours truelly;
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