Kitty's DOW Mod

kittys_game_mod_data.zip —


1. pop 200 for orks, eldar,choas 2. pop 100 for spacemarine ( for our [WA] clan ) 3. devastator squad sm 4.razorback (used the pred as a model only got front gun to try and keep it like razorback ) 5. all units have grenades 6. used the thunderhawk as a transport for men /vehicles (only 1 unit at a time , no guns on the thunderhawk as i think it dont look right when i had weapons from the land radier lua on it ) 7.orks have tankhunter squads + flash gitz / burna boyz /ork nob in mega armour 8. choas have havoc squad + standerd bearer + bits and bobs


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