Kugelstadtindustrial Sector

Here we have a update to a well known/liked map. Download if you liked the other one, and even if you didnt.

this looks great! so downloa...


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Here we have a update to a well known/liked map. Download if you liked the other one, and even if you didnt.

this looks great! so download! download! download!


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Download '4p_kugelstadtindustrial_sectorv1.1.zip' (2.74MB)

This is a rerelease of what i posted earlier today. i tried to fix some of the bugs you asked for.
Ive included a custom minimap and icons to clear up the issues with the starting locations
If there are still problems then im not fit for uploading files onto this site.

Hopefully this fixes some things.


Kugelstadt - Industrial Sector (1.1)

4 Players
2 v. 2

The teams are players 1 and 3 vs 2 and 4. i did this so that it could be played 1v1 or 2v2
The map mostly consists of cl's instead of sp's.
Vehicles certainly have their place here, but because of the claustrophobic nature of the
environment, their use may be somewhat limited.
The map is large, and features a destroyed city as the theme.
Anyone familiar with my previous map (Kugelstadt City Fight) should expect similar 

Room to Room fighting
Two story buildings
Massively destroyed Industrial Complexes.
Infinite Combinations for static defense or flanking manuevers.

Be warned however:

I can honestly say objectively that this map will prolly be the most detailed some of you
have played.

I have spent over 3 months working on this, each day.  THe detail is extreme.
Its 512x512 as well. so it is not small.
Therefore, it may be necessary for some of you to turn down the settings.

This will work for any DoW.  I work exclusively with ME 1.3, for this very reason.
I know that many of you may not have the expansions, so i make maps that should work
for everyone.  I always get frustrated when i see a good map that i cant play.  So
hopefully this will be a relief to some of you who are in a similar situation.

Anyway, to install just place in your wh40k/mp/scenario.  put the loading screen in loading.
I dont know how to install for Dark Crusade. Unfortunately i cant run it.


And please, if you wish to use this as part of a mod let me know first.  Generally i will
say yes.  But because of the months i spent on this, and the planning time invested
i would like to know how and why it is going to be used. as always, credit where credit 
is due.

Thanks a lot.  I hope you like it.  Any recs can be sent to laxmiddie08@hotmail.com

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