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	                 by: WackyModder

1. Extract the leftoutunits5 folder and the leftoutunits5.module file into your C:\Program Files\THQ\Dawn of War directory. 
2. Then, extract the WXP.ucs file into your C:\Program Files\THQ\Dawn of War\WXP\Locale\English folder and replace the one there.
3. Lastly, once you've done everything listed above, double click the Left-Out Units Mod 1.53.bat file to start up the mod. HAVE FUN!!

Changes in this version: (note: this mod isnt meant for game balancing or anything. Just for pure fun.)

- Added Chaos Lieutenant. Buildable at Sacrificial Circle.

- Added Chaos Havoc Squad. Buildable at the Sacrificial Circle.

- Added Chaos Khorne Terminators. Buildable at Daemon Pit.

- Added Chaos Terminators. Buildable at the Daemon Pit.

- Necron units (Monoliths + Warriors) are now only available to be built at the daemon pit.

- Necron Monolith build time increased to 2 minutes.

- Eldar Ranger long rifle range increased from 35 to 45.

- Space Marine sniper rifle range increased from 40 to 45.

- Chaos now start off with a Chaos Marine Squad.

- Imperial Guard start off with a Guardsmen Squad.

- Space Marines now start off with a Marine Squad.

- Eldar now start off with a Guardian Squad.

- Eldar Seer Council build limit is now removed.

- Ork Warboss AI problem now fixed.

- Orks now have the Mad Dok Squiggoth Trainer Hero from campaign.

- Apothecary and Mad Dok build limits are now removed.

- Imperial Guard Basalisk Limit now has no build limit.

- All builder units (Tech Preist, Servitor, Gretchin, Heretic, Bonesinger) now have no build limits.

- Space Marines now have the hero: Seargant Matiel from campaign in the original Dawn of War.

- Space Marines now have old imperial guard units added such as the old leman russ,the old guardsmen,
   inquisitor mordecai toth, and colonel brom.

- Chaos fatal ai error when the ai summons the daemon prince is now fixed.

- Orks can now make single nob leaders.

- Chaos now have Heretic Isador (Evil Librarian) added.

- Baneblade limit increased to 3.

- Squiggoth limit increased to 2.

- 1000 squad/vehicle cap for all sides (cannot be increased any further).

- Chaos can now summon the daemon prince on any chaos sorcerer.

- Bloodthirster health increased to 15000.

- Bloodthirster can now only be summoned on a chaos lord or any aspiring champion, no the sorcerer no more.

- Orks now have full WAAAGH meter from the start.

- Ork Mega Armored Nobz now have no limit to how many u can build.

- Comissars, priests, and psykers now have no build limit.

- Squiggoth health increased from 11000 to 13200.

Thats it for now.

Changes to come still:

- Bloodthirster will have the "Kill Avatar" ability.

- Sorcerer will have the "Possess Guardsmen" ability.

- Chaplain will have a "Kill Bloodthirster" ability.

- Ork Warboss will have a force field from campaign.

Tech Support:

If you have any problems or questions, please contact me at this email address:

[email protected]


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