Legion of the Damned

This version has More changes to the setup of Legion of the Damned marines.


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This version has More changes to the setup of Legion of the Damned marines.

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Download 'legion_of_the_damned_v21.0_full_army.rar' (6.91MB)

Brother Valorous has now gone and there are Six character models.
No unit is able to summon a sergeant...hence watch their morale!!!
Centaurus the Venerable dreadnought has been added, and keep an eye on Brother Deathclaw he wanders!!!
New Legions have been added. Notice now that the animations for the force commander are
 both Force hammer & power sword.

To install goto THQ/dawn of war and install folder,bat.file & mod file

IMPORTANT>>>>>>>If you already have Legion of the Damned (Beta) already installed
 please uninstall before installing & runningversion 2.0>>>>>>>>>>>IMPORTANT

I still have more to do but this is a very playable Mod
Hope you enjoy it

1x Magnum Deathstalker(force commander)with Force Hammer as standard item. HP 1500
1x Defoe Grimmwalker (Commander) HP 1400 (Power sword)
1x Baltazor Deathblazer (librarian) HP 1400
1x Angelus Doombearer (Apothecary) (with color to match units) HP 1200
1x Agoth Doomwalker (field Commander) HP1300 (Power sword)
1x Damon Grimmreaper (Field Commander) HP 1300 (Power sword)
1x Scout Legion
1X Devastator Legion 
1X Doomwatch Legion 
1x Veteran Death Legion (thanks to Rudy )
1x Deaths Head Legion 
1x Deathmask Legion
1x Death Honour Legion
1x Death Reaper Legion 
1x Death Watch Legion
1x Death Assault Legion
1x Venerable Dreadnought Centaurus HP 10000
1x Brother Gabriel Dreadnought HP 8000
1X Brother Magnus Dreadnought HP 8000
1x Brother Deathclaw Dreadnought HP 8000
1x Rhino (uprated hit points) HP 2000
1x Whirlwind Mobile Command HP 4000
1x Predator HP 6000
1x Spirit of Damnation (Land Raider) HP 8000 

Any comments & critisism

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