M!cR0 T4CT!C Mod by Lambo Lambo



units individualistically, instead of having them all in a squad doing one thing? This mod allows you to do just that! Having all squads to become a single unit, you controll them right down to the details, the game now requires more tactics then just, waiting and see who shoots of who, while moving units back and forth with simple micro tactics. There is sort of a Tier 3 to it, in case the game seems endless =)Mod Details :- All squads have only 1 unit.- Very Micro Intensive.- More fun with more players.- AI`s are not really good, playing it online with other players , especially good ones will truly let you feel the fun.- Allows players to win 1 vs 3 or 4 scenarios.(NOT on AIs, Humans)Note to people who used on Winter Assault , Dark Crusade & Soul Storm expansion packs,Eldars, Orks, and Chaos race has been disabled.Hope you enjoy the mod!-Any Balancing Suggestion please Leave at the Comment box at the Download Page. Thx!-This is a Beta Version, there might have some bugs or things which might go the way it is ment to be, if you do notice any, please inform me via comment box at the download page.-The next version will include more balancing, based on comment box responses, and more races will be released.--Cheers, LamboLambo


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