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This version now adds Snow section.


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This version now adds Snow section.

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Map_Mod: V1.1

I have pulled these elements over from Dungeon Siege...
as the level of detail in the game far exceeds most 
of the programs out there.  Suprisingly enough though
The polycount on most of this stuff is low.

I have also incorporated a Map into this to
demonstrate what all has been done thus far.
As I get a bit more done, the version will go up,
and more stuff will be added.

Hope this helps you guys make new maps and such.

Also included is a Sweeper tree.  I made this tree.
It's cute, it animates. Could use a little better
texturing, but is well worth the look.

expand the zip file into your Dawn of War folder.
Run the Run_Map_Mod.bat file and you are in.

What should be where:

Whats in this thing:
Ver:	Description:
1.0	Forest, Grassland and Swamp sections
1.1	Snow section

Legal Crap:
I am not responsible for any content in this mod.  It
was produced from existing material.  It is a conversion.
The content is owned by Gas Powered Games. I am not selling
it, if you want to give me money, feel free to email me at:

[email protected]

Other then that Check out the Relic Forums.

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