Meribah: Bitter Waters

From the Mail:Decided to try my hand at a larger map. Hope you guys enjoy it.

Now, I would encourage all d/l'ers to take a look...


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From the Mail:

Decided to try my hand at a larger map. Hope you guys enjoy it.

Now, I would encourage all d/l'ers to take a look at the map, and give me feedback on any custom decals I forgot to include, or any suggestions that would make the map a better playing map.

Thanks, jth

Another nice map for the community, and that of eight players ;)

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Meribah:  Bitter Waters
An 8-player MP/Skirmish map for WH40K:  Winter Assault
By Vol_907


The planet didn't even have an official name, just its catalog number:  Tau Nuno 10-SC.  Being on the inner edge of the stellar ecosphere, it was hot, arid, with most of its water resources several decameters below the surface.

Early colonization attempts by the Imperium were met with frustration, thanks to the mountain-smoothing grit hurricanes that mercilessly eroded any artifice set up on the surface, such as the treatment plants for extracting and purifying the planet's water. After a few decades, it was abandoned altogether as an exercise in futility.  The wars the Imperium found itself in after the Horus Heresy pushed the world, and others like it, into the back of humanity's memory.

However, with the Necrons stripping away life from habitable worlds, even an inhospitable, forgotten dustball like 10-SC (now nicknamed "Meribah") held promise for the Imperium.  Therefore, the 907th Alyeska Volunteers were dispatched to reclaim the world.

Unfortunately, the enemies of the Emperor had similar plans for Meribah...


This map was designed for team play, 4v4 or 2v2v2v2, compatible with all game types, except FFA.  Map items include 4 relics, 6 critical locations, 10 slag deposits, and some 36 strategic locations.

Build time:  About 30 hours
Tools used:  DoW Mission Editor, GIMP 2.2


Simply unzip into your DoW folder.  The .sgb's, ,tga's, and loading screens should fall into their respective folders (WXP/Data/scenarios/mp, and /loading).

Questions and comments can be directed to [email protected]

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