mod combiner for dc



Another combiner Mod for DC here. If you have time to hop back on DC, give it a try?

Killa :cool:



i have tried to combine a couple of mods so that u can use all at same time inc is emp mod, no limit mod,race mixer mod,chosen terminator mod i dont know the first thing abaut moding so dont exspect to much. all credit to the people who made these mods in first place all i have done is play with a few of the files so far the emp and race mixer mod works haveing troubble getting other two to work with it ive tried to give space marine comander some terminator wepons but no joy i also tried to pass the emp abilities to the chaos lord but no joys there if some one can finish this off then I look forward to playing end result   .

to install just extract with win rar to the main dow dc file                               (C:.Program FilesTHQDawn of War - Dark Crusade)

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