Mudflap's Custom Sky Creator



Are you a mapper who needs that extra punch for your big mission? Want a classy map that stands out from the rest? A good place to start would be a new skybox! Mudflap has created a tool that lets that be done WITHOUT 3d Studio Max. All you need is your fave texturing program, and this new tool will do the rest.



What you need:

1) Install Python, its really easy, you can download it here http://www.python.org/
2) Unzip mudflaps_custom_sky_tool.zip into the same folder that contains python.exe. 
(Example: c:\Program Files\Python_24) when unzipped, the following new files should 
be in your Python folder:
a) Dummy_sky.whm - the script uses information from this file to make the new whm. 
Do not delete it. (From Beroc's exported sky).
b) Mudflaps_Custom_Sky_Tool.pyc 
c) Mudflaps_Custom_Sky_Tool.py
d) Test.rsh - an rsh you can play with
e) test.tga - example of the type of .tga file you can use. (Beroc's)
3) Install DDS Plugin for Photoshop, you can download it here: 
4) Install IBBoard's texture tool to make a .RSH. you can download it here:

What to do:

1) Make a 1024 by 256 .tga file with any image you want for your custom sky. 
make sure the ends match up because the sky loops the tga around end to end. 
Flip it vertically so its upside down.
2) Save it as a .DDS file. Select the following in the save dialog, DXT1 (1 bit alpha), 2D Texture, 
Generate Mipmaps (yes). Then save. 
3) Use IBBoard's Texture Tool to convert the .DDS to a .RSH.
4) Go to your Python folder and doubleclick on Mudflaps_Custom_Sky_Tool.pyc. 
The first time you use it, Windows will pop up a box and ask 
what program to use. Browse and select "Python.exe".
5) The sky tool will open automatically and ask for you to browse for the RSH file you want to import. 
Select an RSH. 
6) The sky tool will then ask you where to save the whm for your new map. It will also pop up a
Hint box that reminds you the proper place to save the .whm is as follows:
\Dawn of War\your_mod\data\Art\EBPs\environment\skies
7) Open the Mission Editor and select a map that you are working on. In "Scenario", 
Select "Terrain", Scroll down the sky list
until you see yours. Hit apply and the sky on your map should change to your new custom sky.
8) Save your map then play it.


This tool is in no way endorsed by Relic, THQ, or Games Workshop. Although the Chunky Viewer was 
very helping for understanding the chunk information.
The code for this tool can be read in the associated .py file.
This tool is open source for any non-commercial purpose.
If you have any questions please feel free to email Mudflap at [email protected]
The maker of this tool is in no way responsible for any computer problems that users may have 
when using this tool, Python, or IBBoard's Texture Tool.
This tool is in Beta form and created by a hobbyist using computers with 
Intel processors and may not work as intended on all systems.

How it works.

When using the Relic Chunky Viewer you can see that skybox.whm files have a similar structure to RSH files.
This tool moves the TXTR and SHDR folder chunks from the selected RSH file and replaces the TXTR and SHDR
chunks in the skybox.whm file with them. It also changes the name of the SHDR file to "02 - Default" to match
shader references in the dummy_sky.whm mesh folders. It then recalculates the chunk size for folder RSGM based 
on the size of the file with the new imported TXTR and SHDR folders.

This tool is an offshoot of an ongoing effort to make a GMAX exporter for DOW SGMs using Python. 
If you can help, please join the following forum.

Description: This is a tool that allows you to retexture the skybox in 
Dawn of War and Winter Assault. The new skybox can then be used for 
making maps in the Mission Editor. The tool imports your custom rsh
into a skybox whm file. This is a python script that requires 
installation of the open-source Python programming

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