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This mod is intended to rebalance DoW in a manner making it more true to the tabletop game and the accompanying fluff. This does NOT mean yo...


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This mod is intended to rebalance DoW in a manner making it more true to the tabletop game and the accompanying fluff. This does NOT mean you can prechoose armies, or have it turn based, etc. It simply restructures certain units and their roles, while changing certain other aspects of the DoW game in a manner to hopefully improve game balance. Changes can be seen below:

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Download 'n0z_mod.rar' (58KB)

Current Changes:

(0.2)Scout Squads 2 cap
(0.2)Dreadnought 3 cap
(0.4)Hellfire Dreadnought Missile Launcher and Lascannon damage raised.
(0.5)FC Hammer Stun nerfed considerably. In addition to reduced chance to apply and duration, stunned units can now re-engage the FC. Still a powerful ability but no longer likely to decide a game by itself

(0.2)Grav Platforms now share movement settings with most eldar squads, allowing them to be attached
(0.2)Grav Platforms now have Fleet of Foot instead of Gravitic Booster (see above)
(0.3)Rangers now cost 35 instead of 65 each. I think thats enough for starters.
(0.3)Replaced the Prism's shuriken catapults with the much weaker Falcon shuriken catapults.
(0.4)Complete restructure of the frequently maligned Eldar Vehicles.
(0.4)Both the Falcon and the Prism now have 2250 hp (before holofield) and vehicle_med armour. Both vehicles now cost 130 requisition and 300 power
(0.4)The Prism Cannon's splash has been halved, its damage has been doubled, its penetration versus infantry lowered, and penetration versus most buildings raised. It is now an anti tank vehicle.
(0.4)Fire Prism now takes 2 support cap
(0.4)Vypers now take 4 support cap, but can be reinforced to have up to 3 Vypers, all of which can be upgraded to rockets.
(0.4)Wraithlord is now tp_heavy_high. This will probably take some getting used to by most players, but I believe it is balanced, fluffy, and above all keeps the Wraithlord from simply being a dreadnought clone. The Wraithlord heals at the same rate as normal infantry but can no longer be repaired.
(0.4)Ranger Long rifles now have 40 range and do slightly more morale damage.
(0.4)Seer Council cost raised, with MfW now a prerequisite for building. However they now start with Witchblades and build and reinforce just as quickly. Fear the judgement of the council!
(0.5)Falcon cost further raised to 150 req 340 power. Build time increased to 40 seconds. It now has the powerful Shuriken Catapults previously possessed by the Fireprism.

Note that both Eldar Platform changes are stepping stones to having Platforms as Guardian Squad upgrades.

(0.2)Looted Tank now armour type vehicle_high
(0.2)Looted Tank Heavy Bolters benefit from Big Shoota upgrades at the Pile of Guns
(0.4)Wartrakk rokkit penetration against all infantry types halved.
(0.4)Big Mek cost increased to 220req 70power. He now starts with Tellyporta.
(0.5)Nob Leader Power Klaw now has identical stats to Nobz Squad Power Klaw

(0.1)Heretic is produced twice as quickly and costs 15 requisition
(0.1)A few changes to the Defiler to hopefully get the Autocannon working properly
(0.2)Tier 2 can be obtained with a free instant research available from either the Armoury or the Sacrificial Circle (best I can do at this stage)
(0.1)Obliterators have a massive weapons buff
(0.3)Cultists now reinforce every 10 seconds (down from 12)
(0.3)Obliterator weapons now have no movement accuracy penalties
(0.4)Berserk Fury no longer makes the squad take extra damage from melee weapons. Ranged weapons continue to deal extra to them.
(0.4)Daemonic Strength no longer makes the Chaos Lord take extra damage.
(0.5)Obliterators cost 110 req, 70 power
(0.5)Obliterators reinforce and build time increased
(0.5)Cultists now reinforce at 8 seconds (further down from 0.3)

(0.3)Incorporated Aetherfox's bug fixes (thanks heaps Aetherfox!)

Instructions for use:

1) Extract all files in the RAR into your Dawn of War directory (most likely C:\Program Files\THQ\Dawn of War)

2) Run n0z_mod.bat

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