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Mudflap's latest mini-mod will allow you to take to the field with the Naughty Nurse, a new unit which acts much like the Apothocary. A...


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Mudflap's latest mini-mod will allow you to take to the field with the Naughty Nurse, a new unit which acts much like the Apothocary. A new texture, sounds and icons are all highlights of this mod. It'll work with patches 1.3 through 1.41!

Be warned, this mod does contain nudity. If this offends you, please do not download this file.

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Naughty Nurse Mod V0.01
by Mudflap

Background:  This mod gives the space marines the ability to bring to the battlefield one of their deepest most closely-held secrets, the Naughty Nurse.  I am sure we are not 
naive enough to think that after the battle all the space marines do is sit in the Chapel Barracks and pray to the emperor.  Of course not, these are military men after all
and what is one of the perks of being in the Military?  Shore leave of course!  But in the dark days of Warhammer 40K, battles are so devastating that civilians and their
associated brothels are rarely seen near a battlefield.  Therefore, in their dark wisdom, the progenitors wisely trained an order of pleasure givers to heal and submit to the marines 
carnal urges after battle.  This allows the marines to fulfill their sexual desires at a whim and thus be more readily be able to focus their energies on the task of bringing the emperors order to the imperium.  
Hence, the order of naughticus nursicus was brought 
into being.  Through her nurse capabilities she can be attached to a squad to heal like an apothecary.  She can also motivate the troops through promises of
sexual favors, by means of the nurse rally.  This has the same affect as a sergeant's rally ability when a squad's morale is broken.  You can call her into service from the Space Marine Headquarters.

Development:  This is for all those DOW fans out that there that lament the lack of female anatomy in this fine game.  So way back when I was learning how to use all these
complicated mod tools I had to come up with a unit that would keep my attention up whilst I mangled my brain learning how to use a hexeditor.  This mod is made with a 
bunch of non-3dsmax tricks.  It uses an eldar banshee model to as the basis for the naughty nurse.  She has her own texture so the Eldar will not be affected.  I used the alpha channel to make 
transparent items around the waist so that her thong is not obscured.  She also has her own sound files.  I have also included on the main menu screen my simsynth cover of the Dawn of war Theme song just for fun.

This mod works in DOW version 1.3 and 1.4.  It will not work in 1.2 because of the Modtools 1.1 lua files.  I have a version that works in 1.2 and I'll post it if there is any interest.  

Mod Installation:

To install the mod, unzip the files into your Dawn of War folder.

The files will unzip into a folder called "Nurse"
All the files, except the two needed to start the mod and this readme, will unzip into this folder and have been
designed not to affect your core W40K files.

After you unzip the mod go to your "Dawn of War" folder and doubleclick on "Run_Nurse_Mod.bat".

This will start the mod.  Be careful, the nurse in all her glory will greet you on the initial menu screen.  Make sure, your mom, wife, or nosey roommates are not behind you when you start the game.

The mod can also be activated by the Mod Manager on the Menu.

Then go to skirmish mode and start a skirmish.  Play a Space Marine army.

Deploy your Naughty Nurse from the Space Marine HQ.  She acts just like an apothecary with rally capability.

Sadly I have no AI skillz so you can only play with the Naughty Nurse but not against her in single player mode.  If anyone wants to give me some AI code I'll put it in later versions of the mod.

Also at this time she is not teamcolorable.  She is white, like the apothecary.  The next version will have teamcolorable texture and a possibly a teamcolorable nudie texture for the eldar banshee.

This mod is no way endorsed by THQ, Relic or Games Workshop.

Feel free to distribute online or on disk or incorporate it into other mods or improve the texture, just make sure you give proper credit to Mudflap and put the URL for my yahoogroup in your documentation when distributing it.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please post to the Yahoo group below:

or email me at:

[email protected]

Have Fun

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