Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War v1.20 to v1.30 Patch

New Features- Added an Observer Mode to the game to support the professional games circuit.- Added a Friends List feature to support t...


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New Features

- Added an Observer Mode to the game to support the professional games circuit. - Added a Friends List feature to support the growth of the Online community. - Added an Arranged Teams Automatch feature to simplify the process of automatching games with Friends. - Added Mod Manager to facilitate switching mod versions from the Main Menu. Mods are now also listed in the Join Game screens. - Added support for Lobby News messages in non-Latin character fonts (full unicode support).


- Game performance has been improved through the use of the Intel Performance Primitives library - Enemy detection code has been improved for better performance in the late game on large maps. - Selection focus key (') has been added to the defaul keybindings. NOTE: The keybindings file has been changed and is no longer compatible with previous versions. - Improved the targeting priority system for vehicles and units with multiple weapons. - Major update to game camera system, including fixing many bugs.

General Fixes

- Fixed several bugs with the Automatch system. - Thorough overhaul of the Stance system which fixed many bugs with the Melee and Ranged stances. Overhaul includes the removal of Versatile Stance. - Fixed several minor issues with the game camera, including increasing the default range for the limited camera so it matches the distance of the free camera. - Fixed several minor issues with save games and playback files. NOTE: The save game format has been changed and will no longer be compatible with previous versions. - Fixed several minor issues with the playback mode. - Fixed several infrequent crash bugs in Online screens. - Fixed rendering issues with the Intel 915 IGMA. - Fixed Mission 4 bug where third Whirlwind disappears. - Fixed bug where Toth was damaging himself with special attacks. - Fixed occasional SCAR crash in Mission 7 when capturing bridge. - Fixed NIS cameras for all missions. - Fixed various bugs in game chat system. - Fixed various bugs in Army Painter. - Fixed bug where NIS speech wouldn't play under Windows 98 (unsupported OS). - Fixed various bugs in Multiplayer Game setup system. - Various cosmetic fixes to various screens. - Fixed bug where the Ork Wartrack Twin Rokkit Launcher upgrades will get stuck in an infinite loop when overwatching the upgrade. - Fixed bug where a Shroud button which has no function would appear in the build-menu of a Webway Gate while it is being built.

Ability Fixes

- Fixed bug where Word of the Emperor ability would not function. - Fixed bug where Bad Doc Healing Aura ability did not heal commander units. - Fixed bug where Bad Doc Healing Aura ability only affected the Mad Doc and attached squad. - Fixed bug where Exarchs could not be added to Aspect Sqauds while the squad was moving. - Fixed bug where Exarchs could be built while the squad was moving. - Fixed bug where Howling Banshee War Shout ability would affect friendly units. - Fixed bug where Eldar Plasma Grenade was inheriting incorrect attributes. - Fixed bug where Stormboyz speed research effects only the Stormboyz leader. - Fixed a range of bugs where abilities were incorrectly affecting friendly units as well as enemy units. - Fixed bug where Grav Falcon Brightlance was invisible.

Balance Changes

Ork Changes

- Reduced damage of Trukk Big Shoota. - Increased population requirement for Trukk/Mekshop from 31 to 46. - Increased population requirement for Wartrakk from 46 to 61. - Wartrakk build time increased. - Decreased damage of Wartrakk Rokkit against all infantry significantly. - Increased build time of Wartrakk Rokkit and Mortar from 9 to 20 seconds. - Put a 46 population requirement on Ork Rokkit Launchers. - Reduced Big Mek's Mega Blaster damage. - Increased build time of Bad Doc to 15 seconds. - Increased cost of Bad Doc by 10 requisition. - Increased damage output of Nob Leader Power Klaws. - Decreased build time of Ork Nob Power Klaws from 15 to 12 seconds. - Increased damage of Ork Nob Leader Power Klaws. - Big Mek now takes longer to build after researching Custom Tellyporta. - Big Mek now takes longer to build after researching Custom Force Field. - Big Mek now takes longer to build after researching Tank Bustin' Kit. - Reduced range on Ork Listening Posts that have the first Listening Post upgrade.

Eldar Changes

- Reduced damage of Fire Prisms Shuriken Catapult against Heavy Infantry (Medium). Also reduced damage against Medium Vehicles. - Reduced damage of fire prism Prism Cannon vs. all buildings, all vehicles (slight), reduced morale damage, reduced minimum damage, reduced area of effect from 10-8. - Reduced morale damage on Eldar D-Cannon Turret. - Reduced damage of Vyper Missile Launcher against all infantry types. - Increased time cost of Vyper Missile Launcher weapon upgrade. - Increased vertical aiming ability of Brightlance platforms (slight). - Increased range of Ranger Long Rifle from 32 to 35. - Increased morale damage output of Ranger long rifle from 40 to 60 per hit. - Removed charge modifiers from Howling Banshees. - Created dependencies on Vyper/Wraithlord aspect stones before Fire Prism can be researched. - Decreased time cost of Seer Council Witchblade weapon upgrade. - Dark Reaper Exarch now does more damage to Heavy Infantry . - Dark Reaper weapon upgrade now has the same range as its original weapon. - Increased Time cost of Warp Spider Aspect Stone - Increased Power cost of Warp Spider Aspect Stone.

Chaos Changes

- Reduced cost of tier 3 to 400/150 and 100 seconds. From 500/200 and 125 seconds - Chaos Aspiring Champions and Space Marine Sergeants now benefit from the bionics upgrades (+20% health) - Furious charge should now be giving +15% damage bonus to chaos_knife_cultist and chaos_knife_tactical. - Chaos Heretic costs 0 supply cap, however there is a limit of 5 Heretics at any given time. - Increased cost of Cultist, increased hit points, increased build time, decreased to starting with 4 units. Increased base weapon damages by 30%. Decreased min damage on Cultist Laspistol from 2.5 to 1.5. - Increased time cost of Cultist Aspiring Champion. - Reduced Cultist Grenade Launcher damage by 35%. Increased build time of Grenade Launcher. - Increased damage output of cultist plasma gun, slightly increased cost. - Defiler hitpoints increased from 2300 to 2700. - Defiler now costs 2 Support cap. - Reduced cost of Possessed marines, decreased attack/hp/build time accordingly. - Reduced cost of Horrors, decreased attack/hp/build time accordingly. - Reduced melee damage of Raptors against building low. - Chaos Rhino now costs 1 Support cap. - Smoke Grenade research time/cost reduced.

Space Marines Changes

- Reduced cost of tier 3 to 400/150 and 100 seconds, from 500/200 and 125 seconds. - Reduced stun time of SM Force Commander from 4 to 2 seconds. - Scouts do less ranged damage to infantry_low, infantry_med, and infantry_high. - Reduced Scout accuracy while moving from .55 to .35. Reduced Scout morale damage. - Reduced melee damage of Assault Marines against building low. - Rhino now costs 1 Support cap. - Smoke Grenade research time/cost reduced. - Cultist reinforce time when in combat set to 12 seconds. - Updated help text to reflect balance changes.

Mod Support

- Mods can now disable tutorials by leaving a blank field in the FEDefaults.lua file. - Multiple fixes in the Attribute Editor. - Game now validates more fields from the attribute files. Also validation of starting units and buildings has been removed. - New binary file format for all attribute files. - Added support for exclusive win conditions. - Several unused attribute fields have been removed. - Added flag for weapon line-of-sight being blocked by entities. We recommend not using it, as it is terribly slow. - Added multiple flags to Scenario files in the Mission Editor, including being able to turn off sky, terrain and water rendering.

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