Ork ChipMunks!

An Orks with Chipmunk Voices video!


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Video Created by Komrad

Orks with Chipmunk Voices????

How to create this weird videos.
-Get Windows Movie Maker 2.1
-Get Fraps to record videos. (http://www.fraps.com/) 
-After recording any funny parts/cool parts while playing DOW, use
 Windows Movie Maker 2.1 to edit the videos you recorded.
-In the Windows Movie Maker menu:
                                -Drag your awesome DOW recorded video into Windows Movie Maker
                                -Drag your awesome recorded video into the Storyboard below.
                                -Select Tools
                                -Select Video Effects
                                -Scroll all the way down, select Speed Up, Double, drag and 
                                 drop it into your recorded video in the storyboard panel.
                                -Repeat... (you can also select Video Transitions on the Tools menu
                                 and spice up your video).
                                -In the end, save your movie file and remember to not save it to big. 

Enjoy... Ork Warboss kick @$$!!!

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