Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War v1.01 to v1.10 Patch - English



Thank you for your patience and support while we've been preparing this patch. We know it seems like it's been an eternity since the first murmers and rumours about an impending patch, and after a lot of hard work from the dev team we have something we feel is solid and addresses a lot of the issues encountered with the retail game.

Developing a patch is a bit like developing a game -- you never seem to have enough time to get all the content in that you would like to. But, rest assured that there will be future patches, and if you don't find a fix you were hoping for in this patch, there is always hope for the next one! We're constantly combing the forums (here at Relicnews and others) looking for bugs, crashes, suggestions, and just general feedback on what you think about the game. We'll always do our best to ensure the stability of the game and an enjoyable entertainment experience for as many people as possible!!

So, without any further ado...we bring you, Patch 1.10!!!

- Raphael




    Valley of Khorne

    • Critical Objectives have been moved to ensure each player has a point closer to their base. Center CO remains in same location.

    Dead Man’s Crossing

    • Removed cover from entrances to player's base from water.

    Tainted Pair, Blood River

    • 2 new 1v1 MP Maps

    Mountain Trail, Tainted Place, Tainted Soul

    • 3 new 2v2 MP Maps – Using the 2 1v1 maps as a base these maps provide variety on the same/similar terrain layouts.


    F2 Tactic

    • Squads that are being attacked by melee units now have their ranged weapon accuracy reduced to 1%. Modifier applies to all members of the squad being attacked, not just the members being hit.



    Seer Council

    • Fixed Conceal ability so that it now only applies to individual members of the Seer Council.
    • Reduced ranged attack.
    • Increased power cost.


    • Fixed the Farseer health upgrade which was causing the Farseer’s health. regeneration rate to be decreased instead of increased.


    • Introduced a 2 second setup time for the Brightlance.

    Fire Prism

    • Decreased how often Fire Prism’s can warp; they can now warp once every 90 seconds .

    Ranger Squad

    • Decreased reload time.
    • Decreased attack power.
    • Decreased morale damage.


    • Reduced attack by 25%.
    • Reduced health regeneration rate by 50%.

    Entanglement Ability

    • Increased power cost from 20 to 60.
    • Increased recharge rate from 120 seconds to 150.
    • Increased research time from 45 seconds to 90 seconds.
    • No longer works against Bloodthirster and Avatar.

    Plasma Grenades

    • Decreased number of grenades that were thrown; now only fires 1 at a time.
    • Plasma grenade research is now reliant upon a Soul Shrine.

    Bonesong Ability

    • Temporarily been disabled due to exploit, will be re-enabled at a later date.


    Slugga Boyz

    • Big Shoota weapon, brought in line with Shoota Boyz’ Big Shoota.
    • Slugga Boyz now benefit from the upgrade “More Choppy”.

    Ork Boyz

    • Slightly decreased Ork Boyz accuracy while moving.
    • Decreased range at which Ork Boyz receive charge modifiers.

    Space Marines

    Assault Terminators

    • Fixed a data error which caused Terminators to not benefit from health upgrades.

    Chaos Marines

    Chaos Sorcerer

    • Chain of Torment spell now does 90 damage.

    Taint Ability

    • Now only heals in the 2nd tier but now applies to Chaos Commander units as well as infantry.

    Frag Grenade

    • Reduced frag grenades radius to 4 from 5.

    Chaos Horrors

    • Hit point upgrade now applies to Horrors.

    Berserk Fury Ability

    • Previously increased squad’s max weapon damage twice instead of buffing min and max damage independently. The result is pretty much the same but the variance is now reduced.

    Crashes and Stability

    • Fixed frequent crash in AI.
    • Fixed frequent crash in loading saved games.
    • Fixed bug in Korean build where in-game chat would not be displayed.
    • Fixed bug in German and Korean builds where in-game options would not be set properly.
    • Fixed bug that would cause unit statistic and ability modifiers to not be removed. properly. This addresses issues with broken Chaos units retaining negative accuracy, Big Mek Teleport ability not being removed, and a variety of other similar issues.
    • Fixed name of post game states from Captured VO's to Captured CL's.
    • Fixed refresh rate of "0" in Graphics Configuration tool.
    • Fixed twitchy Repair bug.
    • Fixed crash bug when selecting next research/add-on in mission 4 or 6 before the HQ is flown in.


    • Fixed multiplayer setup cheats option for multiplayer games. Cheats can now be enabled by whoever is setting up the game. Note that cheats cannot be enabled for Automatched games.
    • Cheats are enabled in the single-player game, but are disabled by default.
    • The cheats include:

    • cheat_revealall - reveal all FOW
    • cheat_killself - kill yourself
    • cheat_power( n ) - give yourself "n" units of power
    • cheat_requisition( n ) - give yourself "n" units of requisition


    • Fixed Aspiring Champion’s Power Fist upgrade.
    • Fixed Cultist’s weapon upgrade.
    • Fixed Eldar Grav Falcon so that it no long displays incorrect weapon in the Army Painter and icon.
    • Fixed Killa Kan Rokkit upgrade.
    • Fixed the Force Commander’s single player weapon during Bloodthirster sync kill
    • Fixed Terminator flamer upgrade.
    • Fixed Plasma Gun upgrade for the Imperial Guard.
    • Fixed incorrect texture on the Raptor Aspiring Champion Power Fist.


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