Pedistal Mountain



You may recognize this file, and wonder why it has been re-uploaded...the reason you are seeing Pedistal Mountain again is due to the fact that the developer had concerns about the size of the download; He requested that the file be removed, and re-uploaded without the screenshot folder, so that the size is greatly reduced; Because of this, I have also set the download counter to reflect the number of times the file was previously downloaded. This is not a newer version, and there have been no changes made to the actual map. So, if you've downloaded this map earlier, theres no need to download it now.

This map was designed as a jungle fight with a large hill that controls the outcome of the battle. This map was made with the intent of having the most natural battle field. It is not symmetrical so to convey a lack of human interference on the area. This map also contains lots of cover so where you place your troops matters. There is lots of strategically placed cover so it will be to your advantage to place your troops in it.



Pedestal Mountain
By Captain Commie

Extract to: 

Program Files\THQ\Dawn of War\W40k\Data\Scenarios\MP


Do not under any circumstances copy with out CaptainCommies expressed
permission. If you need to reach me to report bugs or other map related issues
email [email protected] , How ever do not correct me on any 
Warhammer Codex related issues as I have not played the table top game and 
have not read any codex.


Scenario Information Description:
After weeks of siege, aerial and orbital bombardment the Space marine Forces
on Pedestal Mountain were over run by chaos forces. A new second Space Marine
force hopes to reclaim this critical hill for the Emperor. This is not made 
easier by the fact that other forces my have interest in this crucial hill. 
The force that controls this war torn hill controls the area.

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