Redeemers Krazy Mod



Thank you for downloading this mod. This mod doubles the amount of vehicles and infantry you can build.I would have made it bigger but for people with slow PCs would have problems. Also i have changed the stats of a lot of Squads and added new units only available in single player previously. To see a list of the changes look below . I WILL TELL EVERYONE THIS NOW THIS MOD IS NOT INTENDED AS A BALANCE IT IS PURELY FOR FUN . However on a lighter note if you find any bugs or problems or if you think a unit is overpowered you can always email me at:

[email protected] and ill get to work fixing your problems

The Space Marines and Chaos Space Marines's cap research has been modified to accomodate the changes to the unit cap. Also the Webway Gate and Waaaargh Banner Population Modifiers have been changed

I believe i could do much more to this game but until relic brings out modding tools we have to work with what we have got `Sigh`



Installation Instructions

All you have to do is extract the files in this folder into your Dawn of War Folder
Also to make your life easier i have included a Shortcut that you can place where you like to keep the 
original program safe


Uninstallation Instructions

When your ready to uninstall this mod all you have to do is delete the Redeemers_Krazy_Mod.module file 
in the main Dawn of War folder and the Folder of the same name in the W40k folder as well.
The you just have to get rid of the shortcut and thats all there is to it


Squad Changes

Space Marines:
-Force Commander from Single Player.He takes the place of the normal force comm. Has orbital bombardment 
as standard!
-Added Inquisitior Toth from Single Player.He can be built from the Sacred Artifact
-Added Imperial Guard soldiers which can be built from barracks
-Land Speeders can be reinforced to three in a squad
-Dreadnoughts can be reinforced to two in a squad
-Hellfire Dreadnoughts have MORE hp than normal Dreadnoughts and can be reinforced to two in a squad
cost has been upped to reflect this

Chaos Space Marines:
-Added Daemon Prince. Can be summoned from Unholy Pit for a lot of resources
-Defilers can now get two in a squad
-Possessed Squads now start with six members and can reinforce to twelve

-Grots(ork builders) now start with four in a squad
-Nob Squads can now reinforce to fiveteen in a squad
-TankBustas can now have rokkit launchers on all members of a squad
-Big Change! Squiggoths can now have four in a squad! Think of all that destruction! Because of this 
the vehicle cap of Squiggoth is now 20 and price is very big

-Eldar Farseer from Single Player. Has abilities from the start
-Guardian Squads can now get fourteen in a squad
-Warp Spiders can now reinforce to ten in a squad
-Big Change! The Avatar can now have two in its squad



I am not responsible for any damage this mod will do to your PC upon install
However as The Legacy Says `Text files aren't likely to do any damage...`



-I dont think the computer uses all of these changes and most annoying is that they dont build up to 
the population cap
- This mod can be easily deleted by deleting the files that this mod installed.

 Thats It Folks

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