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This is the RGD editor everyone has been waiting for.


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This is the RGD editor everyone has been waiting for.

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This is what everybody's been waiting for! AND RGD EDITOR!!!!

RGD2 *.rgd editing prog
by: (Hadrien Truong Ngoc)

HOW TO USE (basic editing)
0-the program MUST be placed in the attrib directory
1-enter the name of the file you want to edit (ex:chaos_obliterator.rgd)
2-then you see something like that:

RGD2.1 by Hadrien Truong Ngoc (a.k.a:Gniarf)
type 'quit' to quit
file to edit? (including'.rgd')chaos_obliterator.rgd

0 REF(ID:193334436):ebpextensions\modifier_ext.lua
1 REF(ID:274465846):ebpextensions\type_ext.lua
2 REF(ID:840667430):ebpextensions\event_manager_ext.lua
3 REF(ID:866107193):ebpextensions\infiltration_ext.lua
4 REF(ID:1268041067):ebpextensions\moving_ext.lua
5 REF(ID:1761030196):ebpextensions\sim_entity_ext.lua
6 REF(ID:2034936481):ebpextensions\entity_blueprint_ext.lua
7 REF(ID:2418367401):ebpextensions\health_ext.lua
8 REF(ID:2459651984):ebpextensions\sight_ext.lua
9 REF(ID:2499864141):ebpextensions\special_attack_physics_ext.lua
10 REF(ID:2725845054):ebpextensions\ui_ext.lua
11 REF(ID:2882517873):ebpextensions\melee_ext.lua
12 REF(ID:3232502141):ebpextensions\modifier_apply_ext.lua
13 REF(ID:3236151605):ebpextensions\cover_ext.lua
14 REF(ID:3813699551):ebpextensions\cost_ext.lua
15 REF(ID:3880705658):ebpextensions\summon_ext.lua
16 REF(ID:4271791962):ebpextensions\combat_ext.lua
 edit anyone (enter number)
 goto parent/quit 999
 add reference 998
 rip reference 997

(this is the root "directory")
if I/you want to open a reference just enter its corresponding number in the left colum
(ex:to open health_ext;type:7)

4-then you see:

0 regeneration_decrease_in_combat:0.000000
1 morale_death:0.000000
2 can_be_repaired:0
3 regeneration_rate:0.500000
4 rebirth_time:0.000000
5 text:ebpextensions\health_ext.lua
6 armor:100.000000
7 pre_death_event_delay:5.000000
8 ID:2183793738:1
9 armour_minimum:3.000000
10 text:
11 text:data:/art/events/unit_death_events/sink_into_ground.events
12 rebirth_min_hp_percentage:0.000000
13 stay_in_pathfinding_after_dead_time:0.000000
14 rebirth_max_hp_percentage:0.000000
15 post_death_event_delay:3.000000
16 display_health_bar:0
17 rebirth_chances_percentage:0.000000
18 hitpoints:1100.000000
19 max_repairers:1.000000
 edit anyone (enter number)
 goto parent/quit 999
 add reference 998
 rip reference 997

to edit any value enterit's corresponding number in the left colum,then the new value
(ex:to set hitpoints to 2200;type:18,[hit enter],2200,[hit enter once more])

a little thing about texts:if you use texts that are smaller than originals,well
I don't know what can/will happen (try filling with spaces?) but larger (than original)
texts are supposed to work,though ff the programs quits or return to the root,it's normal.

Now if i want to go back to parent "directory" just enter: 999
By the way if you see any of those ID:xxxxxxxx (ex: ID:2183793738)
please submit them to me WITH their corresponding name in attribte editor (it's useless without the name)

HOW TO USE (references editing)
Before starting,keep in mind that i cannot delete references,just add them
1-First find a file containing the reference you want to add (it this example we'll add reinforce to chaos horror)
2-Use "rip reference" function
ex(in chaos_squad_cultist.rgd):

0 REF(ID:34458319):sbpextensions\squad_combat_stance_ext.lua
1 REF(ID:252586979):sbpextensions\squad_cap_ext.lua
2 REF(ID:278494987):sbpextensions\squad_leader_ext.lua
3 REF(ID:653790618):sbpextensions\squad_attach_receive_ext.lua
4 REF(ID:1156485223):sbpextensions\squad_formation_ext.lua
5 REF(ID:1319943055):sbpextensions\squad_transportable_ext.lua
6 REF(ID:1641262926):sbpextensions\squad_modifier_ext.lua
7 REF(ID:2070112037):sbpextensions\squad_reinforce_ext.lua	<----we want to rip this one
8 REF(ID:2085584143):sbpextensions\squad_capture_strategic_poi
9 REF(ID:2257200593):sbpextensions\squad_infiltration_ext.lua
10 REF(ID:2575927113):sbpextensions\squad_cover_ext.lua
11 REF(ID:2931409088):sbpextensions\squad_morale_ext.lua
12 REF(ID:3160843191):sbpextensions\squad_ui_ext.lua
13 REF(ID:3277810687):sbpextensions\squad_blueprint_ext.lua
14 REF(ID:3502155282):sbpextensions\squad_melee_stance_ext.lua
15 REF(ID:3857031987):sbpextensions\squad_loadout_ext.lua
 edit anyone (enter number)
 goto parent/quit 999
 add reference 998
 rip reference 997
number of the reference to rip?7
3-this creats a rip file named after the ID of the ripped reference (here:2070112037) in the program's directory,DO NOT RENAME IT (it would cause bugs)
4-now open the file in which you want to add the reference (here chaos_squad_horror.rgd)
5-use &quot;add reference&quot; function and your just ripped reference's ID
in the ex:
 edit anyone (enter number)
 goto parent/quit 999
 add reference 998
 rip reference 997
ID of reference to add?2070112037
If the programs quits or return to the root,it's normal.
6-Open your new ref and tweak it (in fact you have just done a copy&paste from chaos cultist).

Credits & thanks to
Cucc: bug reporting
hangar-8 & Sasquatch: help hosting & in dll-problem
some other people at relic forum:morale boost
me: everything else

Legal Stuff
This software is freeware and provided &quot;as is&quot; (ie:i'm not responsible of anything this software can do, especially if my prog makes your file unusable (always do backups...)),and is freeware.

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