Road to Perdition



This is the Road to Perdition brought to you by fizzy.There is no doubt you will meet your enemy as all road's lead to this prodiction only the strong will survive. Given the obvious design around the idea of hell this map has it could very well be perdition/eternal damnation.

This map is best for 2v2 game play only, with resource sharing on and is ideal for Annihilate/take and hold.

I simply love the whole look to this map. The scorched earth look to the terrain and the blood red skies are a perfect setting for war. Even the red mist screams of bloody battle. The map design is pretty much straight forward, follow the road to the centre and fan out from there..though the gates are a nice touch. The map lighting and the texturing makes this map rather difficult to move large units due to the low light. Overall this map is really enjoyable and worth downloading.




There is no doubt you will meet your enemy as all road's lead to this prediction only the strong will survive.

The Road to prodiction is a map that has been sitting on a backup disc for quite sometime and was never released it was forgotten until i came across it and decided to send it in.


Unzip all files into your DOW Folder, Example: C:Program filesTHQDawn of Warw40kDataScenariosMP
if these directories don't exist create the folder's then extract the files in to it.

Author: fizzy
Email: [email protected]

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