Single Player Campaign Redux



This mod alters the single player campaign to allow the player to play as Chaos rather than the Imperial Space Marines. If you haven't played the single player campaign yet, I strongly recommend you do so before playing with this mod so as not to spoil anything, as many missions are clearly designed around the fact that the player is playing as the Space Marines and not some other race.



Dawn of War Single Player Campaign Redux - Chaos

Current rev - beta 5 (testing)

A few things to note:

1.  Certain special characters don't appear to be able to be changed
(ie. Gabriel and Isidor), so unfortunately, they're still part of the
mission.  I'm still investigating, so it's possible I may be able to
change it in future, but I suspect the limitation is related to 
animations so it's not too likely.

2.  There appears to be a limiter (in the early missions) that is only
usable by the Space Marine race (which stops you from being able to
build all the way up the tech tree).  Unfortunately this means that 
with this mod, Chaos has no limiter, so in a way it's like playing a 
skirmish map (ie. it's going to make the early missions uber easy).  
The build requirements are still there, so if you need something like 
a captured relic to build something, you still won't be able to build 
it.  Again, I'm still investigating, so it's possible that I may find 
a way around it, but I suspect it's a hard coded element.

3.  Certain missions start the player with Space Marine units and 
buildings, which I cannot alter without the use of a map editor, or
more familiarity with LUA scripting.  I leave it to you to decide if
you want to keep them or simply destroy them and start from scratch.
I'm positive all missions can be completed by scrapping all Imperial
buildings and building Chaos structures.  Just be careful not to kill
off all builders before you build a Desecrated Stonghold.


1.  Place the files in the archive within <gamedir>\W40k\Data\scenarios\sp.
2.  Fire up DoW and play.


1.  Delete the files from the archive.

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