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This is the latest release of the Steel Legion mod, Sorry about getting it up slow. We've had a few problems today! It's up now for mirror! Enjoy.



Dawn of Steel: Steel Legion mod
This mod is dedicated to the Imperial Guard of Armageddon, better known as Steel Legion for it's armor in the form of tanks. The Steel Legion therefore has access to a wide range of tank variants and can use them very early in game.

The Steel Legion Mod has been developed as a non-profit extension of the Dawn of War RTS game.
This Mod is distributed free of charge. You may copy and distribute this mod as is, without any changes whatsoever.
This Mod won't work without a legal copy of the Dawn of War game.

Steel Legion official Forum:

Download the latest release:


Steel Legion mod


Developer Team

Concept/Design/Production/Head: Maestrorobertus

Interface Design and FX: RedG

Sounddesign: RedG, Mel Danes

AI: Thudmeizer and his team: Larkin, Flenser and Corsix

Support/Forum: DER_Julu

Voiceacting: tonnes, Mel Danes, Mr. Heiney

Installer and Forum admin: DBN

Game Balancing: Baneboss

Additional Creation Team

Additional Modelling: Emperors Teeth (chimera, basilisk and tarantula)

Space Marine Rhinos: Compiler (Many thanks for the contributions of his mod)

Map-Pack by: dr2sheds

Codding tips and help: ByTe(Xnight), Compiler, Ordo Malleus, Sasquatch

Promotion Trailer: Emperor James

Translations: Bill Y (english), ptm56 (spanish), thrawn (italian), JaqTaar (french), Baneboss (polish)

Betatesters: Azatoth, Baneboss, Bezu, ByTe, Compiler, JaqTaar, Lord-Solar, Nevin, Messenger, Thrawn, Tonnes, Seraphim2150, Ptm56
Licence Note:

In respect to the work and time the people above has spent without charging
anything from you and only to bring fun to the people who love the game, we like
to point out that this mod should be used in respect and honour to their efforts.
So, please follow these rules at your own interest:

1.) Do not use parts of the mod for your own mod without asking the head of the team of allowance.
2.) Do not show parts of the mod, screenshots etc. without mentioning it to the Mod team.
3.) Do not ever proclaim to have rights to our mod or part of it. Note that we have the right to call it our own.
4.) Note that with downloading the mod you have no right of using it without a legal copy of the original Dawn of War game.
5.) You have no right to sell this mod or part of it, or use part of it in another mod.
6.) If you like to contact us, for whatever interest you have, simple go to our webpage or forum.


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