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Units capable of artillery bombardment are among the few units who do not fire at available targets automatically. This mod will detect idl...


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Units capable of artillery bombardment are among the few units who do not fire at available targets automatically. This mod will detect idle units capable of bombardment and cause them to rain death upon available targets.

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version 2.0 by CutterShane

I personally don't like to micromanage my games, and that made artillery a waste for me.  With this mod I simply move my artillery into position and they do the rest.  Now I actually enjoy using artillery; there's nothing quite like having your bacon saved by the sudden arrival of ten Whirlwind missiles.  They also make for great chokepoint management.

Every attempt was made to avoid programming any sort of AI into this mod.  However, some basic filters do assist in preventing the artillery squads from behaving foolishly.  First it will pick squad targets, and to avoid shooting your own troops, it will attack squads within a preferred range first.  When no squad targets are available, it will then fire upon the nearest enemy buildings.


When you run Dawn of War and start a skirmish, you will now have a new Game Rule in the Game Options, after you pick your map.  Check to enable.  Uncheck to disable.

You can tune the behavior of this mod by editing the following values in the SupportMod.scar file:

ss_range_adjust = 0.95
This value is the fraction of the squad's maximum range at which it will attempt to attack targets.  This value was introduced to avoid "creepage", as there is some confusion about how Relic measures range in different contexts.  Increasing this value towards and above 1.0 will increase the distance that squads will creep forward to attack valid targets.  The default value affords very long range with creepage only under unusual circumstances.

ss_sweet_spot = 0.80
This value is the fraction of attack range (as calculated using ss_range_adjust) at which the squads will prefer to attack valid targets.  The closer the target is to this preferred range, the more likely that it will be attacked.

You can achieve interesting behavior with these two values.  For example, with ss_range_adjust=2.0 and ss_sweet_spot=0.25, squads will prefer to bombard targets within range (at half max range overall), but will move a great distance to attack other visible targets when none are in range.  Some people don't like this.


By default, Support Mod can manage the following vehicles:  Defiler, Basilisk, Looted Tank, Whirlwind.  These appear to be the only vehicles with very-long-range weapons.


v2.0	Reworked targeting method
	Introduced code to reduce squad "creepage"
	Includes Finaldeath's race independent code


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