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There is no new models, no new effects, no re-textures. There is only code changes. Check out the readme for additional details.


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There is no new models, no new effects, no re-textures. There is only code changes. Check out the readme for additional details.

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Dawn of War: Table Top Rules Conversion
Created by pandaren1
	**After many long minutes of thinking, I have decided to make Dawn of War closer to the table top game stats wise. After many long hours of  more thought and hard work, I have directly converted much of the game's stat-lines onto the game. Stats are all proportional to their Table Top effect as much as I've seen possible. I realize that I could make the game a lot more detailed than the 4th edition table top was, with all the freaking variables put into the system, but this first release is fairly simple. I'll include the formulas I used to proportion the stats below, so everyone knows exactly what I did to the game. It's included with the other text file.

Everything in the game has an effect equal to that of it's table top brother/sister. If you don't play table-top or know much about Warhammer outside Dawn of War, you may find it confusing. This is to be expected.
There is no new models, no new effects, no re-textures. There is only code changes. 
**A note: This mod was created and tested on the origanil Dawn of War, it's compatability with Winter Assault is completely unknown. 
The following units/things have been removed/unmodified due to me lacking time to balance them; Apothecaries, Mad Doks, the entire chaos race, unit costs

Other Misc Changes
Killa Kans are now 1 Support Cap
Shuriken Grav Platforms are now Starcannon platforms. The blue projectiles won't show for whatever forsaken reason, but the stats for it are there.
Waaagh banners are only 100 requisition now.
Space Marine squads are now limited to one special/heavy weapon, the additional weapons research is gone.
Space Marines have a devastator Squad; it has a max 6 marines, starts with 3, and can take 5 heavy weapons (no plasma or flamer). It costs 2 Cap as per the normal tactical squad.
Upgrades such as Bionics and Target Finders are removed for now, to keep complete proportions of the TT statistics.
Vypers are now 1 Cap each, Fire Prisms are 2 (they aren't as owning/annoying as before, I think)
Wraithlords are infantry_heavy_medium armor instead of vehicle
Trukks, Trakks and Kans are all 1 Cap each, and a deal cheaper in power
Guardians Cost 35 Requisition to reinforce now
Guardians have a max squad size of 15 now.
A couple of costs and build times have been adjusted around.
Many other minor changes have been made over the course of this development, of which I can't accurately remember and record.
Melee oriented units run faster when they get within their charge range (about 10 units distance)
**Major Note on Vehicles: The entire vehicular system is experimental. I'm not sure as to how balanced it is, and some weapons may have inaccurate effects on them. If you have any ideas on how to work this better (technical details of course), please say so.

**Changes for the Future** 
--I plan to redesign the entire tech tree of each race some time in the future, as I don't like how the current trees work out with the new stats. The soonest this would happen is next week, though that's a hopeful estimate.

Side Note: I also made that Kult of Speed (mini)mod. I may integrate the KoS Orks with the new stats as a separate race with a future version. 

Some of you will question why I have left out Chaos. Some of you will not. For those who do, know this. The world does not need Possessed Marines, Defilers, or Space Marine squads of 15 that can infiltrate. 

**Contact Information** My e-mail is janvaATcoxDOTnet if you have any comments, suggestions, or thoughts pertaining to this mod. 
**No stealing my work. E-mail me beforehand at the least.
**All credit for the origanil work remains entirely with Relic and Games Workshop.

Installation Instructions:
1.Open the .zip.
2.Put the .module file and the TTRC folder in your Dawn of War directory.
3.The mod should show up in the Game Manager. Activate it and play away.

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