A two player map in its early stages.


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A two player map in its early stages.

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Download 'testiballs_v1.0.zip' (1.11MB)

This is my first attempt at using the mapping utilities. I would like to thank dawn-of-war.co.uk and relic forums adeptus modificatus for the pointers.
I will attempt at adding some blast craters and include a little more detail to make the map look more war torn in a planned update.


a two player map in its early stages

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place the files in the relevant sections as been shown in the zip file and enjoy :-)

C:\Program Files\THQ\Dawn Of War\W40k\Data\Scenarios\MP

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acknowledgement goes to GamesWorkshop for making the warhammer franchise and THQ for developing a game which is encapsulate the spirit of warhammer 40.000

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