The Canyon

From The Mail: This a map i made after screwing around with Mission Editor for a while. Host it and Enjoy! And do you guys send a con...


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From The Mail:

This a map i made after screwing around with Mission Editor for a while. Host it and Enjoy! And do you guys send a confirmation E-mail cuz i would like to know if it made it.

Well, this is another map (though don't ask as to what because the author failed to specify the number of players of which it holds). I guess you can make some of it out via screenshots, though they could be clearer.

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Download '' (4.67MB)

Thank you for downloading the Dawn of War:Winter Assault map The Canyon!

This is a HUGELY cinematic quality map! It has hundreds of fires, explosions, meteors, buldings, etc. So if you have a crappy graphics card don't even think about it you probably need atleast 512mb ram though i'm not sure.

On a small border world on the edge of the Imperium, thousands of Battles have been waged. The planet has no strategic value whatsoever, yet every living race known to the Imperium has fought there once. The Imperium colonized it, the Orcs raided it, the Chaos destroyed it only to be built again in their image, the Eldar were drawn to it, and the tyranids ravaged it. When the Utramarines chapter took the planet back the Necrons attacked it and retreated. The Dark Eldar have raided it for the past hundred years.

Until now.....

All the races are mobilizing their armies.

The entire galaxy lets out a battle cry as they march for it.

But why?


Just got to My computer click on your hard drive got to program files then THQ then Dawn of War then WXP then data and create a folder called scenarios and inside of that folder create one called put all files called The Canyon (2) in there.

Legal Crap:

You may put my map on a CD or any other type of media, for personal use only. Give it to your buddies. Just don't sell it. As for mods you can use it just email me at the address under Contact Information. You may edit it with the map editor but if using the edited version in a mod please contact me.

Contact Information:

If you really like the map or want to use it in a mod e-mail me at

kharnethebetrayer "at" netzero "dot" net

"at" refers to @ and "dot" refers to . Keeps you and dawn of war files from getting spammed.

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