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I'd strongly suggest reading the pdf that is included in this mod as it details installation instructions *Duplicated here for your conveni...


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I'd strongly suggest reading the pdf that is included in this mod as it details installation instructions *Duplicated here for your conveniance*, Tech Tree, Background, feedback information, update information and of course Aknowledgements.

NOTE FOR 1.4 Compatible build.

THanks to the 1.4 patch all mods suffer from the problem of not being able to add squad leaders to squads. This is unfortunately a product of Relic not informing us of the change in the code structure, until we know the correct syntax for adding squad leaders back in we are stuck without squad leaders. There are other effects that are less obvious but i have tweaked the units to make these other problems less apparent.

Also the AI from 1.3 is not included in this build due to Relic changing a whole bunch of AI code. So unfortunately for the time being the Harlequins do not have any AI. This means that you should not set Skirmish opponents / Allies to random or Halrequins until the AI update is out.

As soon as these issues are dealt with I will release another update so that people can continue to be made. For a more enjoyable Harlequins experience with far superior all round AI I would suggest running Dawn of War on the 1.3 patch and installing the other build of thedancemacabre available on Dawn of War Files.

This update was just made for those who want to play with the latest patch and still give the mod a try at least. Installation Instructions

This mod is compatible with the 1.4 patch for Warhammer: 40k Dawn of War. If you do not yet have this patch, then I would advise installing it as this mod will not work with older versions of the mod. This build is a hotfix with certain features removed due to the problems of 1.4 patch. I have just released it due to popular request. To install the game first delete any old versions of the mod. Make sure there is no folder named thedancemacabre in your Dawn of War directory. Then simply extract the zip file into your Dawn of War directory.

If installed correctly your file structure should look like THQ\Dawn of War\thedancemacabre. There will also be a thedancemacabre.module file in your Dawn of War directory . To play with the mod simply start up the game, click on Game Manager at the main menu. You will see The Dance Macabre mod on the list, click on this and then click activate. If it activated you will see the Dawn of Harlequins logo on the top right, and you will find that the Harlequins are available in the army painter.

If you have any feedback or problems please don't hesitate to visit the forums at

You can also check here for updates, screenshots, concept art and general discussion about the modification.

This is the first public release and the mod is still in very early stages, yes all the models will be replaced eventually.

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