The Fall of Cyrene



events that involved a Blood Ravens space marines squad.By the time when the Alpha Legion assault on Cyrene was going on for almost two years, whole cities were razed and millions were dead. The faith in the Emperor wavered in the hearts of many. Four Blood Ravens companies had joined the war supporting the planetary defense force, but they were outnumbered and casualties were heavy. On the other side, Chaos forces were constantly increased by large numbers of Cultists, emerging from hidden heretic cults. The cavernous nature of Cyrene's surface had helped the nurturing and growing of several subversive and corrupted cults outside Inquisition sight, and they welcomed the war as their long awaited moment to emerge and fight against the Imperium.Cyrene, the Blood Ravens recruitment world and home planet of brother-captain Gabriel Angelos, had become a desert of ruins and blood, and it's fall seemed inevitable.Captain Gabriel Angelos and Librarian Isador Akios took command of the planetary defense forces in the early 856M41, and eventually the course of the conflict gradually changed. Chaos attacks were losing strength, enemy lines were shattering and the Imperial forces eventually started counter-offensives along all fronts. During the following month, heretics began retreating everywhere. When Chaos finally withdrew and the traitors fleet fled from the planet, triumphant shouts of victory were finally heard from the Emperors brave warriors.Gabriel Angelos and Isador took most of Space Marine forces, boarded the chapter spacecrafts and pursued the escaping heretics into deep space. On Cyrene, the Imperial Guard and few Space Marines remained on Cyrene under the command of Sergeant Malone, a glorious veteran of the third company. They were instructed to eradicate the last of enemy resistance...


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