Thousand Sons Badge & Banner

A Thousand Sons Badge & Banner


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This contains 2 targa files (.tga), one is the badge, the other one the banner.

To install, simply extract "ts.tga" in your "Y:\Down of War\Badges" 
folder and "tsbanner.tga" into your "Y:\Down of War\Banners"  folder.
Then create the army scheme in Army Painter, select the badge and banner.
My Thousand Sons (look at screens) use this colors:

primary:	R=20  V=45  B=140
secondary:	R=20  V=45  B=140
accessories:	R=202 V=173 B=47
weapon:		R=202 V=173 B=47
eyes:		R=20  V=20  B=20

- Enjoy playing Tzeench's Sousand Sons! -

[DevElopped by Paillass.]

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