Tmoulus combiner maker v1.1



I've tried to cut down the number of things you had to do. I've also found a way to make the python turn into exe files so you don't have to download the compiler. Constructive critisism welcome.

This looks like its worth a download, could probably help some of you people out there! What are you waiting for? DL!




-----------------------Combiner v1.1 by Tmoulus-----------------------

-----------------------What it does-----------------------------------

This makes combiner mods for Dark Crusade, so you can play 2-4 mods at
the same time.



Unzip the file, DO NOT unzip the libary file, it is a waste of time.
Put the folder in the DC root directory but keep the files in the folder.


1) Run mod_maker, when it asks you the required mods just put the name
of your mod, not the .module file, not the directory.

2) Copy the folder maker and paste it in the folder that is the same 
name as the mod (e.g if you made a mod called hello then paste it in a 
folder called hello.

3) Run the folder maker



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