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Thank you for downloading this small mod. This mod triples the amount of vehicles and infantry you can build, and to build...


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Thank you for downloading this small mod. This mod triples the amount of vehicles and infantry you can build, and to build more super units.

The Space Marines and Chaos Space Marines's cap research, and Eldar webway gates and ork Waagh! banners has been modified to accomodate the changes to the unit cap.

Scroll down to read the updates in this release.

Although this version of this release doesn't have any races attached, the Imperial Guard thanks to the Cadian Inquisition mod, are added to the CI+AC version. Read the Comment Questions section for details. If you were looking for the Total War: Armageddon version, please check the website for details, as you downloaded the wrong version.

- The Legacy [email protected]


Installation Note:

This is a release based on a new patch, and because of this you will need to reinstall the mod. Use the uninstaller from the previous version before installing.


Installation Instructions:

Extract the contents inside the zip file, into your Dawn of War main folder, and run the game using either the included shortcut or the ingame interface.

Uninstallation Instructions:

When you are ready to uninstall this mini-mod, simply run the uninstall program listed under the Start menu.

Patch v2.1 Information:

Patch Fixes:

- Special Total War AI has been temporarily removed from the v1.4 Dawn of War patch. Expect the games to be easier until they have been returned.

Patch v2.0 Information:

Patch Fixes:

- All races have been updated to version v1.30 patch standards. - You can now build three Bloodthirsters (though require to be dropped, similar to Terminators). (Thanks to the Hardcore War mod for this code bit) - Total War logo added to menu screens and screenshots. - Loading screen background has been changed. - Computer AI has been upgraded to 'Total War' standards.

Patch v1.20a Information:

Patch Fixes:

- Space Marine cap data has been repaired (Special thanks to Ken Wong for letting me know, and so quickly!). - Imperial Guardsmen has been removed from the barracks. (Thanks again...)

Patch v1.20 Information:

Patch Fixes:

- Number specific units have been fully fixed. - The Imperial Guard has been removed (read below for more information). - Redone the readme and install package for ease of use. - Game balance has been fixed.

Patch v1.16b Information:

Patch Fixes: - The game no longer crashes on loading. (Special thanks to Giskard!) - Number specific units have been partially fixed (I think) - The Imperial Guard listening post and Barracks can now temporarely make power. - Starting armies have been abolished, except for one commander unit and builder units.

Patch v1.15b Information:

Patch Fixes: - The Eldar and Orcs now can build less webway gates/waaaagh banners to reach their cap limits. - Number specific units (eg. Squiggoth, Avatar, Force Commander, etc) now can be built three fold (eg 3 Squiggoths, 12 Apothecarys, 3 Force Commanders etc.) - The IG Lemun Russ now has the equivelent hitpoints and costs of its orkish cousin.

Patch v1.1 Information:

Patch Fixes: - Mod now starts with a shortcut, which keeps your original install intact. - The Imperial Guard now has a starting base, with a limited tech tree. - The Colonel and infantry have their buildtimes and costs updated. - Imperial Guard units now have a cap value. - Imperial Guardsman units can now capture strategic points.

Patch Upgrades: - Army Painter now includes all single player and standard units, as well as their respective barracks structure. - The Imperial Guard has some new structures, as well as its own Rhino transport and servitor. - The Imperial Guard can upgrade their missile turrets to lascannon turrets.

Known Glitches: - Most Army Painter preview units aren't animated; some are zoomed too close or too far. - Some unit previews have multiple hands on one arm holding gun and close-combat weapon and a banner. (Unknown how to fix at this time)

Thanks to Hamish for the heads up for some of these issues. Some of these glitches I do not know how to fix, so please let me know how to fix them!

Common Questions:

Q: Why does your mod crash when the mod loads up?

A: This is because either the mod or the game are the wrong versions. Your best bet is to install all the patches for Dawn of War, and get the latest version of the mod. This is a known Dawn of War glitch.

Q: Why did you remove the Imperial Guard?

A: Simply put, with the official expansion (which will include the Imperial Guard), and at least two other Imperial Guard mods, there is absolutely no reason why I should compete against them. However, I plan to integrate the expansion into the mod at a later date, as soon as it is released, so don't give up on Total War yet! As well, the Cadian Inquision and Armoured Company have signed on, so the Total War: Armageddon mod will be arriving soon with them combined with Total War...

Q: Isn't the game unbalanced with three Orbital Bombardments, 3 Squiggoths...?

A: You have to think about the whole picture. You may get three super units instead of one, but you also get three times the army to go with it. So if you play the mod like you controlling three armies at the same time, there shouldn't be an issue. However, if you focus too much on one aspect, then just like the regular game of Dawn of War, you will probably fail. Think of this mod like 'Team Melee' for Starcraft.

Q: Why isn't the cap higher than 60? There's another mod with 1000 cap...

A: I made it this way for a few reasons. First off, if it gets over 60, the game becomes so archaic that the game loses meaning (like Total Annihilation once you get 500 units for example). Secondly, without the need to upgrade or build cap, a major strategic part of what makes Dawn of War so great is gone. Thirdly, Over 60 cap would kill even the most powerful computer when there are more than two armies. Considering that a 1v1 maxed out while playing on a 1300mhz PC causes some very serious lag, this should be a godsend anyway, because without a limit, it's simply whoever can build the fastest wins, and in that kind of battle, the Orks would most definitely win due to their speed. See my point? :)

Q: Why did you finally plan to re-add the Imperial Guard to your mod? Why the Cadian Inquisition mod?

A: First of all, I added the Cadian Inquisition mod because it was the most complete of the IG mods, and because not everyone will be able to buy or afford Winter Assault, there has to be a 'second best'. Secondly, I re-added the Imperial Guard because the IG is most definitely the big reason why people liked this mod in the first place.

Q: Who created the Cadian Inquisition mod?

Mod Coordinator/PR(ish) - Colonel Lead Coder - Meppa Coder/Webdesign/AI Coder - Ultdrake 3d Artist/ 3d Animator/ Voice Actor - CMRVSUK Voice Actor - Luug 3d Artist - IronFist - TheWhiteRider - Soulja Tester / Concept Artist - Muzza - Lassar - Gaz-1 - Matt

And they have a website here: PLEASE give all Imperial Guard related compliments and complaints to them instead, as I for the most part had nothing to do with the mod!

Q: Are there any chances of having the race added to your mod?

A: Very likely, but only if either I'm approached or I find it on the web sometime in the next millenia. So don't hesitate to let me know if a good race is shaping up! I'd love to have Tyranids on this mod personally....


I am not responsible for any damages your computer may suffer from installing this mod.

On that note, text files and images aren't likely to do any damage...


- No unit stats (except for build limits) have been changed. The exception is the Lemun Russ. - This mod can be easily deleted by deleting the files that this mod installed.

Starting Forces:

Space Marines: - 4x Servitor - 1x Force Commander

Chaos Space Marines: - 4x Slave - 1x Chaos Lord

Orks: - 3x Grot - 1x Big Mek

Eldar: - 4x Bonesinger - 1x Farseer

Contact Information:

To contact me, please e-mail me at [email protected] Please do not spam, and I would like to hear any comments, glitch reports, or balancing issues you may have. :)

I also have forums, which would be much more preferable, at:


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Download 'dowtotalwarv21.1.exe' (8.85MB)

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