This modification for Dawn of War adds the Tyranid race, from the tabletop war-game Warhammer 40k from which Dawn of War was based on, to t...


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This modification for Dawn of War adds the Tyranid race, from the tabletop war-game Warhammer 40k from which Dawn of War was based on, to the game. The Tyranids are an alien race, threatening the imperium from the edge of the galaxy, living only to feast upon the flesh of their foes. They are a fearsome adversary, but an even better ally! That's why our mod allows you fight with and for the great Tyranid race, swarm the enemy with hundreds of hormagaunts, stamp on your foes with the huge carnifex and devour your opponent from within with the deadly lictor. We aim to show players of Dawn of War what the fantastic Tyranids are and attempt to keep as true to the feel of the race as possible.

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Download 'tyranidmod213.exe' (5.87MB)

Tyranids 213 Release

+What Tyranid Models are in this release? 

There is currently only the Genestealer model in game; 
models from the 4 main races represent the other Tyranids. 
So Rippers are represented by Ork Grotz/Gretchin and 
Spinegaunts are represented by Chaos Cultists etc.

The Tyranid buildings are represented by Space Marine 
buildings and will be replaced when our Tyranid buildings
are done, this will NOT be soon.

+What will be the next model in game? 

This will be our builder unit, the Ripper swarm, it MIGHT 
be in the next release, or after, but it is next. 

=In game things to know!=

+How do I capture strategic points?

Rippers are the ONLY Tyranid unit that can capture 
strategic points. They are also the Tyranid builder units. 
They are very unique units and though they sound like they
may be unbalanced, in practise players can use them in new
strategies which aren't possible with other races.

+What are the squad and support caps? 

The maximum squad capacity in game is 30 and the 
maximum support capacity is 20. To justify the increase 
in squad cap from the usual 20 to 30, the Tyranids do 
not have turrets or mines. 

+How do I increase the squad or support capacity?
By simply building a Hive, the relevant cap will increase 
by 5, look at the help tool tips. As a guide you should 
build the following -
5 Troop/Brood Hives – increase squad cap by 5 each
2 Elite/Warrior Hives – increase support cap by 5 each
2 Heavy Hives – increase support cap by 5 each
Do NOT build the Relic Hive as it has no function yet. 

+How do I defend my base? 

As the Tyranids you can only defend with your mobile forces, 
your spawned units. Your base does NO damage to the enemy. 
However it does slow them down and it does reduce the enemy’s 
accuracy. This is the effect of Toxic Miasma. 

+Do my buildings have Synapse aura. 

The Hives and the HQ have Synapse. The Hive Mind would never 
leave their young without the comfort of their “mother” being 
present at the “birth”. Synapse provides “Iron Will” (auto 
rallies your troops) and “Immune to Instant Death” (reduces 
enemy damage) as per the codex. 

+What Tyranids have Synapse 

The Hive Tyrant, Brood Lord, Warriors and Zoanthrope 
all have the Synapse aura. 

+What does “without number” mean? 

In the Troop Hives (Spinegaunts, Termagaunts, 
Hormagaunts and Genestealers) at T3 (Tier 3, after 
the second HQ upgrade) there is another set of 4 
identical icons at the bottom of the unit selection 
box. They have “without number” in the top row of the 
help tool tip. These units are produced at full strength, 
for example, when spawning a 'without number' Genestealer unit,
instead of spawning at a squad size of 4, they will spawn as a full 
squad of 10. Individually they are cheaper and spawn quicker than 
units at T1 and T2. Use the “without number” upgrades when you have 
plenty of resources.

+If I play against the Tyranids they just stand there and don’t do anything!

At the present time we have no AI for the Tyranids, 
it is in the process of being created but until it 
is finished you’ll just have to make do with playing 
with them and not against them. Unless you play online that is.

+I’d like to give feedback about the mod or visit it’s creators.

You can visit our website at http://tyranids.dowfiles.com/, 
feel free to give comments on the mod, as long as they’re constructive!

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