Ulthwe Command Squads

Ulthwe_CS (Uthwe Command Squads) is a small mod with simple changes but great fun to play.

The original idea was an experiment to learn a...

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File Description

Ulthwe_CS (Uthwe Command Squads) is a small mod with simple changes but great fun to play.

The original idea was an experiment to learn and test how the ai worked with command squads and what was acheivable. My son then enjoyed playing it so a couple of new units were added and some were left out as they weren't fluff and it grew from there, then friends asked me to release it as a command squad mod.

Please note that this only took 2-3 weeks to make - which was mainly testing - and not 6 months or more like larger mods so bear this in mind. More info in the readme.

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Ulthwe_CS is a combination of a Ulthwe Race Mod and a Ulthwe Strike Force Mod, leaning towards Ulthwe Strike Force but obviously there is a HQ and base which is able to supply rarer units like the Falcon etc..and allows for the limited use of Aspect warrior squads, Wraithloads etc. (limited to 1 or 2 squads only).

I have left out the standard Guardians, Rangers and Fire Prisms as this didn't upset the balance of the game too much and upgraded the Falcon via modifiers as the game progresses to partially compensate for the loss of the Fire Prism's power.

The main additions/changes are:

Black Guardian Storm Squads - Made up of Guardian, Banshees and led by a Warlock and have 2 armour upgrades.

Black Guardian Defender Squads - Made up of Guardian, Dark Reapers and led by a Warlock and have 2 armour upgrades.

Storm Vypers - Shuriken cannon & Missile upgrade with faster rate of fire, upgraded holofield and 2 upgrades of armour. 

Defender Vypers - Shuriken cannon and Shuriken catapult, upgraded holofield and 2 upgrades of armour. 

Dcannon Support Platform - As it's name suggests, slow moving, weak armour but very effective against vehicles and buildings.

The Spear of Khaine - The Avatar of Khaine with a retinue of 5 Warlocks.

Ulthwe Seer Council - A squad of Warlocks led by two Farseers. Fast, powerful and also have teleport ability.

Falcon - Has upgraded holofield and 2 upgrades of armour to help compensate for loss of Fire Prisms, plus upgraded weapons to be more effective against other vehicles.

Ulthwe use a lot of seers and warlocks as you will see in the game and in keeping with the way the Ulthwe Strike Force behaves I have made the Storm Guardian Squads, Storm Vypers and Dcannon Support Platforms spawn out from Webway gates so they can appear from anywhere.

Issues are:

As it is now you will get colour bleed if Ulthwe and Eldar are in the same game. This will be fixed in the next couple of weeks and the files updated. See www.dowdomains.co.uk/Ulthwe_WA for updates.
N.B. Colour bleed is now fixed thanks to IBBoard's SgaExtractor.

Don't expect new models or even texturing as that wasn't the point of this mod.

Expect various command squads and squad combinations and a lot of abilities going off for a different Eldar experience.


Pretty simple, just extract the zipped files and put mod folders (both) and module files (both) into your Dawn of War folder....just delete these if and when you want to. Desktop shortcuts are also supplied but you may need to edit these if you have different file paths. email me if you want help.

This is meant for WA and has full working ai.
It does work with 1.4/1.41 but the ai is not done yet so you can only be the human player. AI for 1.4/1.41 may follow in a few weeks.


Wow, where do I start. I've been modding for over 12 months and so many people have helped me do various things.

Thanks to the whole community (what a fantastic bunch) as this was my first time as either a modder or as a member of a community and these guys rock.

Special thanks to Thudmeiser who took me under his wing and helped me get to grips with ai and the AI team in general for producing the Skirmish AI mods. This build is based on their Skirmish 1.5 build (and yes I know Thud, I should be using 1.6 by now, I will get round to it very soon ;)

Thanks also to IBBoard who is helping me sort out the Ulthwe being teamcolourable via his sgaextrator (I could do it the manual way but this sounds a lot quicker and easier...tutorial to follow when the process is complete.).


Fluff is followed generally but is not 100% so please don't complain about this. Suggestions are welcome though to Danimatoratgmaildotcom

I'll put some links up on the web site for those interested....other links welcome.

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