This mod allows you to filed special characters from the Ultramarines chapter. Check below for details on new units added in this mod.



Ultramarines Version 0.3 Release - 03/01/05
This mod allows you to filed special characters from the Ultramarines chapter.

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Remove any previous versions of our mod before installing. Thanks.

Download the file ultramarinesv03.zip
     Copy the directory ultramarines in your <DoW-folder>\
     Your directory should look like this: <DoW-folder>\ultramarines\data\
     place the files 'ultramarines.module' and 'ultramarines_mod.bat' in your <DoW-folder> 
     and start the game with the Batch file 'ultramarines_mod.bat' - double click the file.

Version 0.1 Release notes

New Units
- Chaplain Cassius
  - He is trained from the Chapel-Barracks
  - His weapon (Crozius Arcanum) is somewhat weaker than the daemonhammer
  - He has more health, morale, and sight range than the normal FC

- Tigurius
  - He is trained from the Sacred Artifact
  - He has better stats than the standard Librarian

- Marneus Calgar 
  - He requires a Relic to be trained
  - He is extremely strong - could be considered the SM uber unit
  - His weapon (Gauntlets of Ultramar) do considerably more damage than the daemonhammer

- Honour Guard
  - They require a Relic to be trained
  - They are quite strong in close combat
  - They have a 0-1 limit

Version 0.2 Release notes

- Fixed several major bugs and errors - the mod is now playable on a decent scale.

Version 0.3 Release notes

- Added Ultramarines icons for every unit except the Hellfire, Land raider and assault termies. 
  Everything else has a new icon

- Fixed several bugs


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