Umbult's Processional

README "Umbult's Processional" This is a six-player general purpose map being released under patch 1.1 because patches 1.2 and 1.3 h...


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README "Umbult's Processional"

This is a six-player general purpose map being released under patch 1.1 because patches 1.2 and 1.3 have proven to be wastes of time (I'll wait for Winter assault, I think). I give full permission to load the map under the ME and update it to patch 1.2-1.3 if necessary.

Three vs. three is probably the recommended approach given the starting positions. Oh yeah, and each player gets a selection of civilians to use as bullet shields/cannon fodder. See what you can do with that. I've been trying to release an "Iron Storm" version of this map but have run into some problems with the engine, so I figured I'd just put this out already.

I'm going to recommend a Radeon 9600 or better graphics card be the average for decent play on this map as I used a lot of animations.


"And let there be a great pathway dedicated upon the highway of the ancients, trodden by the Prophet; for it is pleasing in the sight of the Emperor, the most divine" - A reading from the Letter of the Prophet Umbult to the Isolans, Canto IV verse 8.

The processional highway must be secured to prevent a direct assault on the fortified gates of Isola Primus. The chokepoints should be obvious. I've play tested with both orcs and chaos and I think the results are satisfactory. Just don't get complacent. There is only one artifact on the map and it isn't easy to hold given the location near the small promethium refinery. Good luck. I had a lot of fun making this, especially the barricades and pipelines and the burning fuel slick.

I'm planning an updated version for the Imperial Guard once the expansion is released.


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