Viridis Abyssus



This 8-player trench map is ideal for annihilate or take & hold modes. This map will force you to make some strategic decisions with how you play it, giving neither side the upper hand.



Viridis Abyssus
By CaptainCommie,
Description and Testing by: Fugui

Extract to C:\Program Files\THQ\Dawn Of War\W40k\Data\Scenarios\Mp


Do not under any circumstances copy, plug in or use this map with out captaincommies expressed permission. If you need to contact me to send an email to [email protected] and I am more than happy to consider your request.


Scenario Description: This is a massive trench map that is designed for annihilate battles but can do take and hold. A feature of this map is the bottle neck breaches in the trenches. With strategic deployment of forces Space marine and Eldar players cant just jump into your base and kill you as easily, thus helping to mitigate some of the unit spamming problems. This map also contains breaches in the trench line that only infantry can go through, and the trenches are not big enough for armor to go through, making excellent places to infiltrate stealth units in behind enemy lines and call down deep striking troops. As with all my maps there is tons of cover and it must be taken advantage of. Another note is that strategic points are strategically placed on cliffs and other forms of high ground.


Scenario Background:

The Jungle Planet, Viridis Abyssys, is, as its name implies, a Green Hell. After the Battle for Pedistal Mountain on the other side of the planet, Chaos has chosen Viridis Abyssys Planetary Capital, Lepcis Magna, as its new Target. Traitor PDF armored units tried to rush the city but were found wanting by the Imperial Navy fighter pilots just as they where breaching the last lines of defense. The Imperial Navy was able to halt the armored column, but now the fight has taking a turn for the worst as a Static Trench War. The Winner will be the Last Man Standing in this Jungle Hell.

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