Winter Assault (Other/Pictures)



A little movie type thing. Nothing else really to say...Give it a go

Enjoy ~Gaffer



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|       Winter Assault     |
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Creator/ Author: Vendre
Duration: 2:48 (Min/Sec)
Type: Just pictures (Like Windows Power Point but better)

+Whats this?+

"This, is a set of pictures (Yes not an actual movie) that I made during playing a custom map.
Yeah, iv'e heard that there is copyright on the game, but they haven't said aything about pictures though
(At least they didn't on Relic Forums) so well here you go. Some pictures that I changed a bit to make them look
like in the middle of a snow storm."

+What tools did you use then?+

"Well, I used:

FRAPS (To take them)
Windows Paint (To remove the menu)
Photo Story 3 (To assemble them and change them + to add music)

thats about those tools."

+Do you need any particular program to open this?+

"No just Windows Media Player (Got vers 10 but I guess it work on others to obviusly)
its like the standard video watching program on your computer."

+Man, this is real and proper crap, I hate this!+

"Heh, don't download it pall."


Relic (For making such a good game with usless tools)
FRAPS (For being so basic)
Windows Paint (I dunno)
Photo Story 3 (For being on my Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 disk)
Downloaders (Only IF you download that is)

+The end?+

"Well if there isn't copyright on making Power Points, Photo Stories or Trailers I will go on and make these from time to time
(Obviusly there is room for improvement) , if there is well.. then yeah the end."
"Thats all, thanks."


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