Wrath of the Blood Ravens



Zetrial, and Project WARhammer by Aliblabla. Project WARhammer is also required.Wrath of the Blood Ravens aims to provide a "closer to background" mod that is fluff-accurate to movie marines.Single Player Campaign:Credits:SM squads by Zetrial, he made every one of them look unique.New items, textures and enemies by Jaylo138.My changes: More enemies ( much, much more in every mission), and tougher marines. Old items are more powerful, as are the new ones.The Space Marines Tarkus, Thaddeus and Avitus can now wear Iron Halos and Banners as accessories. All squads hace 3 accessory slots.All Terminators now have helmets.The commander has a Mark7 veteran helmet for standard and is bare headed with teleporter. He also speaks. He is alone without a squad.Tarkus can now wield heavy weaponry.Arc of fire removed from heavy bolters and plasma cannons.Setup time reduced, teardown time deleted.White items no longer drop, but named ones have a higher chance of dropping.Maximum Armour have been increased to 300. SM armours now give more defense rating.All Space Marine squads follow Zetrials originals, they are just tougher to deal with the endless waves of xenos.Weaponry is more powerful, especially some level 20 epic weaponry.Storm shields can now be equipped by FC and Thaddeus. There are only currently 4, but I'll make more if the people like them.Ironshield, level 5: 20 armour, 5 melee skill and +20% melee damage.Dauntless, level 10: 30 armour, 10 melee skill and +30% melee damage.Bulwark of Righteusness, level 15: 40 armour, 15 melee skill and +40% melee damage.Indomitable Shield of Faith, level 20: 50 armour, 20 melee skill and +50% melee damage.An epic level 20 item of the following:Bolt pistol: Damnation of Heretics, it deals area of effect damage. It uses the Pistol of Baal model.Power sword: Arcanatum Energis, a vortex blade which deals extremely high damage. It has a quite acceptable new model, made of the epic and rare powerswords. There is extremely low clipping.Power armour: Holy mantle of the Daemonslayer is added. It is the awesome retexture of the "Company Champions armour" by Jaylo. Terminator armours are now stronger, and drop earlier.The Aegis of Hurios is a melee armour, the Eternal Crusader ranged, and the Armour of Azariah provides a smaller bonus in both combat types.Purity seals now grant their bonuses to the whole squad. Accessories like Mines are now usable by all squads.Jaylo's squad abilites have been slightly changed. Avitus can now drop turrets and order artillery strikes, while Thaddeus can use the Rosarius. Tarkus can throw EMP grendes. The FC can throw Toxic Grenades.New grenades:Frag: These have a doubled area of effect. Drops at level 10.Krak: High damage armour piercing with small aera of effect. Drops at level 14.Plasma: High damage anti-elite grenade with medium area of effect. Drops at level 18.Vortex: This grenade is extremely powerful, capable of wiping out massed enemy formations.Weapons now have a longer range, like the Project Warhammer weapons.PvP:Changes from Aliblabla's PW mod:All heroes and tanks are made tougher and have more energy. Eldar and Tyranid races are added. Teardown times are completely removed. Set-up times decreased. Zeal/psy/WAAGH/biomass limit set to 100.000.Firing arcs are not removed in fact, but set to 360 degrees.Astartes:Space Marines: All Astartes are more powerful. You can have 100 Marines (A company).Scouts, Tacticals and Assault Marines come in squads of 9.SM Terminators are stronger, but they are reduced to 5 members.Sternguard veterans added, 5 bolter and 1 plasma marine at Tier2. Have a limit of 2 per player.First company veterans are given jetpacks, reduced to 5 members, given more health to compensate, and renamed Vanguard veterans. Limited to two squads.Tatical Sergeants now wields a pistol and chainsword.Devastators now have 3 heavy bolters, 1 plazma cannon and 1 rocket launcher. Sergeant can be added, he wields a rocket too. Only two squads can be built. Focus fire now works like Campaign, draining energy.Tacticals have 2 weapons per squad. Missile launchers (every one) damage had been severly reduced from Project WARhammer. Now the Techmarine can't 3 shot a HQ, and the Tacticals can not knock out a Dreadnougth or an Avatar with 3 missiles.Venerable Dreadnought upgraded to Project Warhammer standards. Predators are limited to 2, Razorbacks to 3, Dreadnought to 1.Dreadnoughts are tier 3, Predators tier 2.Most Astartes squad have frag grenades, except Terminators. Blind grenades are present with Veterans and Scouts . Veterans also have Plasma grenades (same as Hellfire from TLS).New units from Jaylo138's The Squad Mod:Chaplain at tier 1 for SM. He has Iron Halo, vortex grenades, can use Demoralising shout to suppress nearby enemies, and use Litanies of Hate to increase a fellow SM squad's damage.Librarian at tier 3: He has a force axe and plasma pistol. He has the following powers : Smite (Warlock lightning): Deals damage in large area.Gate of Infinity (Mass teleport : Teleports Librarian and nearby marines to target.Fury of the Ancients (Warlock flame attack): Heavy damage over time in small area.Force Dome (Defend of the FC with shield): Reduces damage done to nearby Marines.Warp Vortex (D cannon black hole): Extremely devastating ranged attack, but it has friendly fire.They both have 10 levels.Marine players have the ability to turn to Chaos, summoning a Chaos Lord for 1000 zeal (I think it will be 3000). The Lord can throw fireballs, leech health from a single enemy infantry, and summon 15 Bloodletters for 500 zeal.Aliblabla's original stats:Space Marines- All squads now number 9 on creation and may be upgraded with a sergeant (with the exception of the Terminator Squads, which as of now lack Sergeant upgrades)- Tactical Marines cost 540 req, Sergeant starts with Bolter (changed)- Devastator Marines now start with 5 Bolters, 2 Heavy Bolters, 1 Missile Launcher and 1 Plasma Cannon. May be upgraded with a Bolter-wielding Sergeant who will provide Sprint. Total Cost is 450 req and 90 power (changed)- Assault Marines now start with 9 and cost 495 req and 45 pop initially.- Veteran Marines added. May be upgraded with a Sergeant. Special Weapons include: Power Axes, Power Fists and Power Swords (purchasing upgrade will outfit the entire squad). Starts with Chainswords and Bolt Pistols. Cost is 900 req and 180 power (Renamed Vanguards and given jetpacks)- Predator is now shifted to Tier 2 and gets an "automatic" autocannon. Cost is 1200 req and 300 power (Cost reduced, two limit added)- Razorback costs 400 req and 50 power (3 Limit added)- Dreadnought shifted to Tier 3. Cost is 1500 req and 300 power. (1 limit added)- Power output increased to 0.5/s from 0.1667, Generators decreased to 75 req cost- HQ hitpoints increased to 1 from 1000- Armour of Alacrity adds Assault Jump ability- Techmarine has Consecrated Bolter -> Master-Crafted Bolter, and Master-Crafted Bolter -> Master-Crafted Missile Launcher, which behaves like a Tactical Nuclear weapon, and is shifted to Tier 3.- Techmarine structures only cost 1 pop. (they cost 0 now)- Terminator and Assault Terminator squads cost 1800 req and 450 power, must be built from the HQ at Tier 3, can no longer be purchased with Global Abilities (they are cheaper now)- Popcap increased to 125 (changed to 100 )Orks - All Tier 1 Mobz start with 30 Boyz- All Tier 1 Mobz may be upgraded with 'ardboyz Armour to improved durability (costs 60 req)- Tankbustas increased to 20 Boyz- Nobz increased to 10 Boyz- Deff Dreads cost 300 req and 50 power- Wartrukks cost 100 req (3 limit added to prevent CPU from spawning swarms of them)Vehicles, Kommandos, Kommando and Mek commanders are upgraded to Project Warhammer standards.Flash Gitz added at Tier3 as a heavy damage dealer infantry. They have a limit of 2. Nobs have a limit of 3.Wartrakks got a limit of 3, because otherwise the CPU spams them in their dozens.Eldar: All squads are bigger, have more health, and do more damage, and are cheaper.Guardians: 25Aspect Warriors and rangers : 15Platforms: 5 platforms and 10 guardiansEldar tanks and Avatar has more health and damage.New buildable tier 3 squad : Seer council, limited to 4. Has 10 members, good at both ranged and melee combat.Warp Spiders are now very good against light infantry.For some reason the Avatar is still very weak, no matter how much health I give him. He seems to have no armour, even after I made him have the same as the Carnifex.Tyranids:Carnifexes and Warriors have all their upgrades back.All warriors upgrade to Barbed Stranger/Venom Cannon. Raveners are tier 1 and stronger. Rippers are not buildable.Gaunts are almost free, and come in packs of 30. They are just cannon fodder to screen the warriors and Raveners tough.Both Eldar and Tyranid weapons have a longer range, to be fair with SM and orks. They are also faster than the original, to the same level as SM and Orks.


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