Hi mappers, I glad to present you the beta downloadable version of the Map Packager--Decal Extractor 1.0 It is a tiny and usefull pice...

0 15 years ago
Mmmm; teaserlicious.

[i]An eternal battle, an eternal war and never ending death. Will you survive? [/i] Battlefield Multiplayer Assault Kindly presented ...

0 15 years ago
Mapper Guild Studios

News from Kennys mapping team, sounds like they're reactivating and hosting community events. i might take part, been a while since i played...

0 15 years ago
Mappack Revoution: Recruitment

news from my map pack team, The Map Pack Revolution. we're hiring! so if your interested, read on! [quote]Hello again from the map pack r...

0 16 years ago
The Legacy of Mappers is recruiting again!

I relentlessly post this piece of news as I am a member of TMPR, and me and jack have become rivals in the mapping league! anyways, he's loo...

0 16 years ago
The Holy Empire maps

[quote]ok i need poeple to help me make maps for a map pack that will take a while so just send me a e-mail saying you want to help ok thank...

0 17 years ago
Map Makers Mod: Help Wanted

Some news here from the well-renouned BIO_Ultra of the MapMakersMod needs You (yes, YOU) to help out the MMM. They seek a scar coder. You fi...

0 17 years ago
Jungle Mappack soon to be released

Some good news for those of you that are itchin for some new maps...or better yet...a mappack with some sweet sounding maps! I hope we can ...

0 17 years ago
Battle-Ground Map Pack.

Welcome my Battle Brothers... I present you with the Imperial Honour mapping team's Battle-Ground Map pack. Unfortunately with the unseen...

0 18 years ago
Winners of Relic's Dawn Of War Mapping contest.

Hey people The winners of Relic's Dawn Of War Mapping contest are as followed: Abandoned Faith (2) vs322 Desiderata High...

0 18 years ago
Map/Mod pack! Uber up your battlefields!

Beroc has made a mod and a custom map to demonstrate it. Now.... what does this mod do, exactly? Well, it adds atmosphere pre...

0 19 years ago