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Day of Defeat offers intense online action gameplay set in Europe during WWII. Assume the role of infantry, sniper or machine-gunner classes, and more. DoD:S features enhanced graphics and sounds desi...

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DoD: Source Snowbridge HR Map (v1.0) Hellraz0r 14.56MB 26
DoD: Source High Definition Pack (v1.4b) djibe89 193.25MB 503
DoD: Source British Airborne Conversion Pack (v2.0) ArthurVince 73.64MB 70
DoD: Source Rive Map (RC3) Furyo 17.36MB 121
DoD:S British Paratroopers 1944 ArthurVince 50.91MB 124
DoD: Source Falschirmjagers Axis Player Skin (v1.0) Insane_dod 32.88MB 211
DoD: Source Winter Skins for Axis (v1.0 - Hi-res) Insane_dod 31.1MB 180
DoD: Source N64 Labyrinth Map HTML_Earth 2.37MB 107
DoD: Source Gloufs MG42 & Cal30 Sounds (v1.0) glouf 519KB 201
DoD: Source Orange Close Encounters (v1) The Ice Cream Gman 1MB 118
Day of Defeat: Source Orange Advance Map Dakota Blackwell 833KB 516
Day of Defeat: Source Underground Map Dakota Blackwell 3.44MB 197
DoD: Source Wolf88's Total Conversion Pack Wolf88 115.71MB 394
DoD: Source Wolf88's Sound Pack Wolf88 20.86MB 374
DoD: Source Fortrun Map TehKarn 351KB 76
DoD: Source Grandmaztahace's Pain Death Soundpack GrandMaztahAce 23.17MB 407
DoD: Source GrandMaztahAce's Real life Weapon Sounds pack GrandMaztahAce 15.7MB 898
DoD: Source hm 2Fort Map Guest 975KB 99
DoD: Source HM Battle Arena map Guest 524KB 124
DoD: Source High & Low Res .30 cal Machine Gun Skin PROPENSO AL SUICIDIO 13.45MB 310
DoD: Source Allied 3rdID Squad Skin Pack Wile E Coyote 37.67MB 344
DoD: Source Allied Ranger Class-Based Skins Wile E Coyote 38.01MB 459
DoD: Source Axis Waffen SS Class-Based Skins Wile E Coyote 44.94MB 740
DoD: Source Axis Wehrmacht Class-Based Skins Wile E Coyote 44.99MB 541
DoD: Source Camp2 Map Pack Team CAMP 96.73MB 1061
DoD: Source Camp2 Map Pack Team CAMP 97.77MB 2727
DoD: Source High Pitched Weapon Sound Pack GrandMaztahAce 5.26MB 771
DoD: Source Rakurkas Weapon Sounds David Eisler 9.17MB 516
DoD: Source Camp1 Map Pack Team CAMP 65.91MB 9248
DoD: Source Visual Upgrade Insane_dod 66.31MB 3208
DoD: Source Saving Private Ryan 2nd Rangers KnifeInFace 7.76MB 558
DOD: Source Waffen SS. KnifeInFace 6.83MB 565
DoD: Source 101st Airborne Skin KnifeInFace 7.82MB 2109
DoD: Source Bridge Crossing Map LazyDaLazy 1.03MB 458
DoD: Source Band of Brother Full Sound Conversion Pack Riley 16.97MB 3109
DoD: Source LandMines Map Cody J 228KB 284
DoD: Source Orange Arena Map Cody J 1.16MB 571
DoD: Source Reichswehr Uniform Mod Wolfe7 1.68MB 213
DoD: Source Crossroads Map Alex Lukovsky 1.04MB 468
DoD: Source Axis Blood Beach Package Wolfe7, Higgins, donot 3.64MB 284
DoD: Source r3n0's Map Pack r3n0 7.2MB 351
DoD: Source: Phong Shader Weapons Romka 6.45MB 724
DoD:S - Winter Assault Map Guest 1.42MB 864
DoD: Source: Flurry Map ultranew_b 12.35MB 528
DoD: Source: Daybreak Map McJewels 13.2MB 688
DoD: Source Wiedersdorf Map [G.I.J] The Spark 5.91MB 309
DoD: Source Perfection Patch Beardo Productions 87.15MB 3384
DoD: Source Perfection Patch Guest 87.15MB 1135
DoD: Source BAR Skins Pack Dayofdfeat123 9.56MB 263
DoD: Source Band of Brothers Sound Pack Riley and Alex 6.76MB 4818