Day of Defeat: Source

Day of Defeat offers intense online action gameplay set in Europe during WWII. Assume the role of infantry, sniper or machine-gunner classes, and more. DoD:S features enhanced graphics and sounds desi...

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Maps Skelter RC3

Gun Game 3 tower/mountain map with multiple teleports, 4 spawn areas, exploding bombs and rotating objects. Works best with parachute mod o...


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Maps Chess RC2

middle rows of chess board activated by users pressing buttons, exploding castle tops. All good innocent fun!


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Maps dod_para_s_3.bsp

special effects including: Moving panzer tank to use for cover. Exploding barrels. Fog, snow, wind and haze. You will find this map visua...


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Maps Levels Missions DOD:S Map: Louis XVI.

A map by CoCoNUT Textures and models by Valve. Background: The last french king - Louis XVI. and his wife Marie Antoinett...


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Skins War Crimes German Crates

Files/Valve/Steam/SteamApps/***youremail***/day of defeat source/dod


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Skins War Crimes German crates v2.0

in:C:/Program Files/Valve/Steam/SteamApps/***youremail***/day of defeat source/dod


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Skins War Crimes Hi Rez German Flag

Files/Valve/Steam/SteamApps/***youremail***/day of defeat source/dod


Player Skins DOD_1st Infantry Division

then I added the 1st ID patch on the arm, and the symbol on the helmet. The patch is on both arms, sorry but there is no way to fix it, ther...


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Sound Packs RNL To DoD:S Sounds

I just renamed and put the files in the right place in the DoD:s files. The sounds I have taken from it are the weapon sounds (only the ones...


Maps DoD: Source WW1 The Trenches

outside my door i recommend only having these classes for both teams.sniper riflemenMGand maybe rocket launcher (we'll just call it an attri...


Miscellaneous Swastika Mod

This mod replaces all the iron crosses in the game with authentic swastikas, and also makes the allied flag a 48-star US flag.Use this mod i...


Maps DoD: Source Orange Phase

map.there are 2 lvls to the maps being a massive out side fight area and also and underground fight zone..


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Add Ons DodS Extreme Sound Experience

In Short this soundpack Changes just about any sound in the game. Only thing that aintchanged is voices


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Sound Packs DoD: Source MOH: Airborne SoundPack (v1.2)

from 'Medal of honor: Pacific Assault'because these weapons are not available in 'Airborne.Put the "sound" folder in :"steamapps*username*d...


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Maps Levels Missions Day of Defeat Source Bavaria Source

Dod_Bavaria is a Day of Defeat Source map made by Jobson Devlin. Have fun playing and hunting shadows in the mist!


Conversion Packs DoD: Source High Definition Pack (v1.5)

maps- HD props and mapmodels (sandbags, hedgehogs)- Graphics enhancer. Boosts dods graphical propertiesWorking on dods to be realistic.Hope...


Maps DoD: Source Snowbridge HR Map (v1.0)

Map by: Hellraz0r (Ethan) NOTE: This is textured version of the map! I have created the map in an "orange" (dev textured) concept and hav...


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Media Hungman - Remember the Name

Hungman - Remember the Name is a Day of Defeat: Source video from Dav3.


Packs DoD: Source High Definition Pack (v1.4b)

Day of Defeat Source High Definition (aka Dod:Source HD) is built to enhance visual quality, effects and immersion in the game. This pack...


Conversion Packs DoD: Source British Airborne Conversion Pack (v2.0)

British Airborne Conversion for Day of Defeat Source - modification by Arthur Vince 2008 The author used the BCP as basic, and used his o...