Eternal Silence 3.3 Patch

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Published by THGhost 9 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


It's been less than 3 weeks since our steam release and Eternal Silence 3.3 is already live. This patch includes 2 new maps, ctf_asteroid and de_asteroid as well as a host of other fixes. These new maps have been a load of fun for our testers and bring back some nostalgia from the old 2.3 days. You'll find some screenshots of them below.

I've also had the pleasure of being interview by the folks over at Here is an excerpt:

Quote TR: Have things changed at all throughout the development?

The only constant in life is change. This is even more true with a mod team. We've had developers leave for all sorts of reasons. The game itself has changed immensely over time. Everybody that touched the mod left his or her mark, and that's one of the great things about working on a mod. Thing are flexible. We reinvented the gameplay of Eternal Silence three times, once with each major version, and each time we look back at the last version we think "How on earth did people play this junk?". That just tells you how much we've evolved and how we will continue to evolve.

Read the full interview here.

A full change log is below. Note that this patch does break compatibility with 3.2, so servers will have to update before you can join them.

[ADD] Kill assists. Person with the highest damage done gets a point too. [ADD] Added game events requested by server admins (game_start, game_end, round_start, round_end) [ADD] New map, de_asteroid [ADD] New map, ctf_asteroid. [ADD] New help screens during map load. Look better and more up to date. [FIX] round_restart only works for server admins. Patched other commands also. [FIX] Game automatically sets rate to 10000 for awesome network smoothness (like you've never seen) [FIX] Increased visibility in space (thanks to new network fix) [FIX] Removed "Attack" waypoints from targets with cut engines. [FIX] Shortened ship trails to increase performance. [FIX] Class menu won't keep popping up when there are no spawns to choose. [FIX] Fixed CP spawns when no more subsystems were left. [FIX] Fixed heavy weapon reload being interrupted by melee attack (these guns don't have melee). [FIX] Heavy fighter now displays properly in the scoreboard. [BAL] Increased Pistol Runspeed. [BAL] Locked enemy gunships in ES mode [BAL] Increased gunship HP by 20%, decreased shields the same amount [BAL] Hacking points only awarded when the subsystem is captured.

cp_warpath: [FIX] The NGM first spawn is now secured. UTF can't capture it. [FIX] Not enough spawnpoints left [FIX] slightly increased the Lightmapgrid for better performance [ADD] new duct from the NGM Spawn to the next Subsystem [BAL] added a new crate nearby the first utf subsystem [BAL] widened the old hallway to the first subsystem

cp_valhalla: [FIX] Moved waypoints so subsystems don't overlap [FIX] Added cables to shallow pits of death [FIX] Optimized starting hangar to reduce lag

For more news on the Eternal Silence mod vist their website -

- THGhost.

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