Day of Defeat: Source

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Name Developer Filesize Downloads
DoD: Source FreshWood Thompson Guest 2.77MB 144
DoD: Source Allied Black Weapon Pack Guest 2.05MB 613
DoD: Source New Wood Thompson Fighting BUM 1.92MB 76
DoD: Source Bloody Knife Weapon Skin AtomicGard3n 219KB 400
DoD: Source Darker Thompson Guest 923KB 205
DoD: Source Dirty Garand [67th]Jag123 1018KB 144
DoD: Source Lightened Bar Guest 370KB 148
DoD: Source Battle-Worn Thompson [67th]Jag123 910KB 261
DoD: Source Quad/Snake Colt M1911 Quad 932KB 304
DoD: Source Springfield: lone wolf reskin Lonewolf 3.41MB 216
DoD: Source Pepsi Can Smoke Evolv5 343KB 330
DoD: Source Thompson Convert TornSniperWolf 2.87MB 165
Dod: Source Steel Springfield 0mikr0n. 439KB 95
DoD: Source MetallicAL's Thompson Weapon Skin MetallicAL 2.8MB 870
DoD: Source Dirty Colt Weapon Skin [67th]Jag123 615KB 182
DoD: Source Dark Thompson Weapon Skin Desolation 1.17MB 310
DoD: Source M1 Garand Wood Reskin BibFortuna 1.33MB 1,282
DoD: Source Jag's Garand [67th]Jag123 502KB 206
DoD: Source Bar with Wooden Stock Guest 395KB 278
DoD: Allied Carbine Skin Guest 375KB 338
DoD: Source Allied Rifle Skin Guest 385KB 209
DoD: Source Used Weapon Skin Pack Desolation 11.99MB 936
DoD: Source Olson's Realistic Colt. .45 Job_314 300KB 712
DoD: Source M1 Carbine Camouflage Weapon Skin SpyderVenom 2.22MB 280
DoD: Source Thompson Camo Skin SpyderVenom 3.64MB 184
DoD: Source CoreDamage's Golden Colt Weapon Skin Coredamage 795KB 137
DoD: Source Coredamage's Knife Weapon Skin Coredamage 453KB 164
DoD: Source Coredamage's Springfield '03 Reskin Coredamage 727KB 675
DoD: Source Coredamage's Bazooka Re-skin Coredamage 447KB 208
DoD: Source Coredamage's 30 Cal. Reskin Coredamage 756KB 578
DoD: Source BAR Skins Pack Dayofdfeat123 9.56MB 265