Day of Defeat: Source
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Name Rating Developer Filesize Downloads
DoD: Source College Win Sounds at0micfly 1.21MB 659
DoD: Source DesertFox's Sound Pack ~~~DESERTFOX~~~ 2.22MB 1,051
DoD: Source Replacement Sounds Pack V1.0 OpticalSnare 2.15MB 1,310
DoD: Source Jonny_GunZ's Sound Pack Jonny_GunZ 1.54MB 3,314
DoD: Source Kiff's Victory Pack Kiff 16.02MB 2,404
DoD: Source Overkill Sound Pack OpticalSnare 2.14MB 2,563
DoD: Source Assassin X Victory Sound Pack Guest 706KB 1,207
DoD: Source Assassin X Victory Sound Pack Guest 1.37MB 1,992
DoD: Source The Glock's Movie Weapon Sounds Mod The Glock 2.54MB 2,467
DoD: Source Patriot's Victory Sounds deutscher-patriot 751KB 872
DoD: Source Axis/Allies Win Sounds Mobster 544KB 1,602
DoD: Source Saving Private Ryan Soundpack Kiff 7.29MB 8,864
DoD: Source Olson's Realistic Sound Mod Olsons 3.28MB 4,052
DoD: Source Bia Realistic Soundpack ~~~DESERTFOX~~~ 4.28MB 6,131
DoD: Source Victory Sound Pack JonnyDangerously 598KB 869
DoD: Source Sounds of the Banned Plaskon 10.62MB 1,684
DoD: Source hl2 Freak's DOD Soundpack hl2freak 4.7MB 1,337
DoD: Source Rammstein Win Songs KartoffelSalat 1009KB 931
DoD: Source Stick's Action Sounds Stick 3.16MB 608
DoD: Source Stick's Action Sounds Stick 4.63MB 1,433
DoD: Source 7.62's Sound Pack 7.62 777KB 3,353
DoD: Source Plaskon's Sound Pack Plaskon 9.17MB 715
DoD: Source Solecist Soundpack Solecist 18.05MB 1,252
DoD: Source Mods_Rule_2002's Custom Sound Pack mods_rule_2002 3.17MB 1,167
DoD: Source Riley's BoB Sound Pack Riley and Alex 3.79MB 1,012
DoD: Source Band of Brothers Sound Pack Riley and Alex 6.76MB 4,831
DoD: Source Rakurkas Weapon Sounds David Eisler 9.17MB 519
DoD: Source High Pitched Weapon Sound Pack GrandMaztahAce 5.26MB 773
DoD: Source GrandMaztahAce's Real life Weapon Sounds pack GrandMaztahAce 15.7MB 905
DoD: Source Grandmaztahace's Pain Death Soundpack GrandMaztahAce 23.17MB 410
DoD: Source Wolf88's Sound Pack Wolf88 20.86MB 379
DoD: Source Gloufs MG42 & Cal30 Sounds (v1.0) glouf 519KB 204
DoD: Source MOH: Airborne SoundPack (v1.2) Guest 3.27MB 930
RNL To DoD:S Sounds Guest 94.14MB 358