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An amazing Allied skin conversion.. see the readme for details


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An amazing Allied skin conversion.. see the readme for details

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Enhanced Realism 3rd Infantry Division, 15th Reg., K Co. Infantry Skins

Since the Day of Defeat team graciously deciding to use our very own division for the default Infantry Unit (3rd Infantry Division), I decided the skins needed a realism overhaul to live up to our 3rd ID standards of realism.

These skins have been looked over with a fine toothed comb through the eye of a WWII reenactor.  They are the most historically accurate and realistic US Infantry skins ever made for DoD:S. 

Some enhancements include....

- Realistic uniform color adjustment (Jacket, pants, helmet).
- Realistic M41 jacket modifications (Added buttons in all correct places, added proper slit   pockets, proper back tightening tabs with buttons)
- Realistic sandpaper helmet texture, helmet net, and the 3rd ID has been fixed (Not   backwards).
- Realistic leggings/boot modifications. (Proper boot soles, legging straps, and added   captoed service shoes with laces skin)
- DualPFC Chevrons.
- Added dirt/battleworn grime to uniform, gear and skin.
- Small bloody headwound upon helmet being blown off.

- Added proper "U.S." markings to all field gear pieces.
- Proper bandoleer color and markings.
- Proper OD Green paint scheme for t-handle shovel.
- Added detail to the Colt .45 handle in holster.
- Custom 15th Regiment, K Company ID stencil on pack.
- BAR magazines are now seen in the pouches.
- Flap added to the M1928 Haversack.

And more, including realistic Normal Maps!

Extract the files into the following:

C:\Program Files\Valve\Steam\SteamApps\(your email here)\day of defeat source\dod\materials 

Hope you enjoy the skins!  Rock of the Marne!

- Regards,
 Captain Higgins

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