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The Community Assembled Map Project (CAMP) is pleased to announce our second release: CAMP2 Pack. This pack includes five maps represent...


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The Community Assembled Map Project (CAMP) is pleased to announce our second release: CAMP2 Pack. This pack includes five maps representing a nice cross-section of play styles and themes. The maps themselves are considered to be some of the top Day of Defeat: Source custom maps available today and includes one brand new map! Although the CAMP team is wholly responsible for the content of this release it would not have been possible without the assistance, encouragement, and support from our friends at Valve.

Each map has been tested for exploits, errors, accurate scoring and all have been re-worked during this process by the original level designers or a designer-endorsed successor. The CAMP team itself is a diverse set of level designers, server operators, league managers, modelers, testers, and overall long-term community members who have worked together over the last few months to bring you CAMP2.

Every CAMP release will include high quality maps that explore different game styles as we hope to bring new vitality, interest, and variety to this great game! CAMP2 can be downloaded from the list of fine communities below, all of whom will be featuring the maps in their server rotations. Please patronize the communities that have helped with this significant effort!

About the maps camp_aurabanner_dodforum.jpgDoD_Aura is a brand new map! 5 flags and fast-action. On smaller servers it will have break-neck caps and on larger servers it will be a fun slugfest! Can you cap out? Level design by Neutrino.

camp_tunisiabanner_dodforum.jpgDoD_Tunisia features detonation combat in a North African city! One of the most striking maps you'll see, this one is well-balanced and forces the defense to make wise tactical choices. Beware the tunnel rats! Level design by jakeparlay.

camp_churchyardb_dodforum.jpgDoD_Churchyard is a very popular custom with slight improvements to gameplay and a visual step forward! Churchyard has 6 flags and action everywhere! Hold the cemetary! Level design by MrGrubby.

camp_stugbanner_dodforum.jpgDoD_Stug is the classic DoD flag capture map. Fighting centered on a bridge w/ many good sniper/MG spots. Crafty players will always find a way through! Rush that final flag, soldier! Level design originated by Lard, completed by Furyo.

camp_crashbanner_dodoforum.jpgDoD_Crash is the arena map dod_notorange with a fresh coat of paint! Arena gameplay, CAMP style! Recommended for your inner 10-12 year old! Orangemapcat approves! Level design by Propaganda.

Handling a .zip file: Extract the zip file to your "Day of Defeat Source" directory. The default path is: C: Program FilesSteamSteamApps{your username}Day of Defeat Source

Handling an .exe file: These should have self-explanatory instructions provided by the host.

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